Using Statistics to Evaluate Website Performance

For Lawyers, Doctors, and Dentists

As a practice with a website, you want to know how your website is performing and how well it is working for you. But what kind of information do you use to evaluate your website's performance? To start, here are some of the most effective forms of analysis:

Analytics:  Website analytics include things such as how much time someone spends on a website, how many pages your visitors go to, and how many visits your high priority pages receive. For example, over the last 30 days one of our attorney clients enjoyed:

  • An average user session time of 2 minutes 21 seconds.
  • An average of 2.35 pages viewed per user session.
  • A total of 48,362 pages viewed (repeated views of a specific page are counted).

Google Analytics is an immensely useful tool for evaluating the analytics related to your website:

Mobile performance: Having mobile capability is crucial to your website's performance. You need a mobile website that loads fast and directs your visitors to take action. According to a CDNIFY blog, 73 percent of mobile users say they have used a mobile site that was too slow to load. According to Tammy Everts on Radware, "a 500ms connection speed delay results in up to a 26 percent increase in peak frustration and up to an 8 percent decrease in engagement."

Conversions to leads: An important way to evaluate your site is to identify how many visitors to your site are converting into actual case leads for your practice. You can measure conversions by tracking phone calls, emails and chats coming from your website. So how many leads should your website generate each month? It depends on many factors, including your goals and your market. Part of our job is to help you get the number of cases you want from your website. Leads can come from many sources, including:

  • Blogging
  • Email marketing
  • Webpage content
  • Mobile content
  • Video
  • Webinars

SEO results: To perform well, certain website pages ought to be showing up on the first page of search engine results for target keywords. To get more leads from your website, certain pages should be optimized to rank for keywords, such as "Detroit accident lawyer," if you were an attorney looking for accident cases in the Detroit area. An effective and contact Page 1 Solutions now or call us at (303) 233-3886.

~ Tess Martin, Writer