Why Use Online Display and Pre-Roll Advertising?

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Pre roll advertising

In a modern world where it’s getting more and more crowded every day and your competitors’ marketing budgets are increasing, how can your company stay competitive? Are there ways to combat the giants who spend money on traditional media and advertising? The answer is yes.

We continue to see hours spent online grow and mobile usage climb to over 50% of all online traffic, according to the Google Consumer Barometer. Nielsen states that nearly 80% of U.S. households have a smartphone. So what type of activities are consumers engaging in with their smartphones? Social media, apps, and consuming content.

So what is display and pre-roll advertising? Display advertising is targeted ads that are featured across the Web on a variety of sites. These ads are displayed based on keyword searches that a consumer puts into their search engine, or by demographic and location parameters that target users with ads as they visit different websites. Pre-roll is online video advertising. When you go to visit ESPN.com or your local news website to watch a video, for example, these targeted video ads play before the consumer can watch the desired content.

How It Works

Both display and pre-roll feature calls-to-action and pixel re-targeting. This not only increases clicks but also allows ad networks to continue to serve ads to consumers who have engaged with this content.

So, how does an online digital display and pre-roll campaign get set up? Through our partnerships with ad exchange networks, Page 1 Solutions is able to not only target consumers by geo-locations, demographics, and search queries, but we are also able to travel with consumers who have shown a propensity to purchase our clients' services across their online journey. This advertising increases your CVRs (conversion rates) while also spending your budget targeting the right type of person.

Why Integrating Digital Ads Is Important

In the 1970s it only took 3 impressions (the number of eyeballs that viewed an advertisement) in order for a consumer to be able to make a buying decision. Today, that number is drifting over 20. This is why online display and pre-roll video advertising are such an effective tactic within your marketing campaign: They enable you to stay top-of-mind with consumers and create the impressions needed for a consumer to feel confident in making a buying decision.

The additional benefit is that your practice is able to again follow consumers who have shown interest in your services or products. Whether it is dental, legal, ophthalmology or plastic surgery, we can target your audience within whatever market you are in or wherever you want to pull customers from. We have seen these types of campaigns not only deliver impressions but increase website traffic, white paper downloads, pageviews, and ultimately consumer leads.

Digital marketing allows you to be competitive in saturated markets within smaller budgets and find and target your ideal customer. Contact us for questions about how to integrate online display and pre-roll advertising into your marketing strategy!


Brian Haitz, Internet Marketing Consultant