Use Screen Time Limits to Your Advantage on Social Media

For Lawyers, Doctors, and Dentists

Today, people are deciding to be more conscious of the amount of time they spend on their mobile devices in general and social media apps in particular. In fact, Apple's newest iOS update features new screen time tools that are designed to give users a better idea of just how much time they look at their phones and what apps occupy the most time spent staring at a screen. This new screen time feature also gives you the option to create notifications that make it easier to limit the time you spend on certain apps.

So what does this mean for your social media marketing? Don’t lose all hope just yet; heightened screen time consciousness just may work in your favor.

Purpose-Driven Social Media Time

As more and more people intentionally limit their screen time, users will start to spend their dedicated time on social media wisely. What was once mindless scrolling is now purpose-driven research, whether that be about friends, colleagues, politics, products, services, etc.

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Social media users will now digest information, as opposed to just being on social media to kill time. While their time on social media is decreasing, their attention span just increased. Use this fact as an advantage for your practice. You want your prospective clients to digest your content, especially if you are utilizing Facebook advertising. Send clear and concise messages that resonate and are easy to remember.

Limited Social Media Time = Less Competitor Saturation

We have distractions everywhere we go that prevent us from making buyer decisions, especially with the saturation of advertising and marketing. People will put off scheduling a consultation because they feel overwhelmed by the amount of choices that they have.

If you advertise optimally to your target social media audience, your name will stay top of mind. With limited time on social media, it is more likely someone will take the time to finally schedule that consultation because their mind is no longer saturated with offers from your competition. Be consistent and steadfast.

What Happens in Facebook Doesn’t Always Stay In Facebook

Facebook has a really incredible ad targeting option called “Audience Network” where your ads will be shown outside of the Facebook platform based on keywords and other targeting tactics. This means that even if people are spending less time on Facebook and Instagram, your advertising efforts can follow your audience when they visit other websites in the ad network.

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All updates in the social media realm should be seen as progress. While every new thing you hear about social media may leave you feeling like you should ditch your efforts, don’t! Social media is and will always be one of the best way to advertise who you are and what you practice is about. The tactics you and your agency use to market your practice, however, will never stay the same across the board, and they shouldn’t.

Human consciousness is one of the best tools in aiding where your social media efforts go next. For more information about how you can optimize your branding, promotion, and advertising efforts on social media, please call Page 1 Solutions at (303) 233-3886 today for a complimentary review of your website and online marketing.