Tracking and Converting Internet Marketing Leads

For Lawyers, Doctors, and Dentists

The key to a high return on investment lies with tracking your leads and conversions, and taking extra steps to ensure you continue to improve.  The following are some initial tips to help ensure you:

  • know the status of your lead generation (volume, sources, types, quality, conversion rate, etc.)
  • how to track and monitor your level of success
  • how to improve your conversions

Lead Tracking Tips

  1. Make sure you have personal access to your Google Analytics data.  Don’t just rely on reports your webmaster chooses to send you.
  2. Make sure to look beyond just monthly traffic volume: Time on-site/pages, pages per visit, top keyword searches, traffic sources, entry pages, exit pages, conversions to leads, etc. are just some items.
  3. Look at 6 and 12-month trends, not just narrow month-to-month data.  Trends are likely more telling, insightful and provide direction on what is working and what is not.
  4. Be sure to set up trackable lead generation sources including email forms, live chat services, and designated call tracking numbers.  Of course, no lead data is exactly perfect, but establishing baselines can give you insight to key trends.
  5. Focus on phone calls – your most important lead type.
  6. Review traffic, conversion and lead trends and numbers every month.
  7. Mystery Shop – This includes telephone, email and live chat intake.  Good consistent intake may require scheduling once every quarter or trimester.
  8. Tie your leads over the long haul to realized revenue.  Only when you connect actual revenue to specific leads can you actually measure ROI, quality of sources, and what changes to make.

Converting More Leads (View Intake Training Video)

  1. Recognize you and your team can improve your intake.  You can’t get better if you don’t recognize the opportunity.
  2. Time is of the essence.  Leads must be followed up immediately.  Anything longer than an hour diminishes your chances to convert and expensive leads go to waste.
  3. Develop an intake process, monitor its implementation, train to continually improve.
  4. Again, focus on telephone leads – Strategies to converts a higher percentage of phone leads are key to high ROI.
  5. Initial impressions are lasting.  Be sure your intake specialist is prepared, focused and listens.
  6. Take control of inquiry calls to avoid wasting time, qualify prospects and convert leads into consultations.
  7. Ask more revealing questions to uncover main issues and obstacles.
  8. Prepare your intake specialist with key resources and ensure they can differentiate your practice.
  9. Earn the right to “ask for the order.”  With a planned and consistently executed intake process you will set yourself up for success.
  10. Follow up – One-time intake with no follow up limits your practice to just low-lying fruit.  Most business comes from follow up activities.

If your focus is on getting a return for your marketing investment, you must take steps to monitor, track, and improve your intake processes. Give us a call at 800-916-3886 for a FREE MYSTERY SHOPPING EVALUATION.  We can also give you and your team more ideas to convert more traffic into leads and more leads into consultations.

~ By Bill Fukui, Director of Sales & Marketing