Top Questions about Instant Chat

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Do you have a website for your business that captures potential clients and leads? Hopefully so, because in 2018 if you don’t, well …. We’ll just leave it at YOU SHOULD!

So, assuming you have a site for your business, do you ever wish you had someone to monitor your lead forms on your site and respond to them immediately? Do you find yourself too busy to respond to service or appointment inquiries in a timely fashion, and by the time you do respond they’ve already given their business to one of your competitors?

If these situations sound familiar to you, adding an Instant Chat feature to your site is probably a good idea! But what is Instant Chat. How does it work? Should I be using it on my site?

What Is Instant Chat?

Instant chat is a feature that allows a website visitor to ask questions, get answers and have their information passed on to you so you can follow up on the lead. Typically, a chat box will pop up on the side, bottom or top of your page. When a user clicks on it, a window opens up where they can chat back and forth with an agent. This agent can then send the lead information to you if follow up is needed.

chat agent on the Page 1 Solutions website

Why Should I Use Instant Chat?

Instant chat is the perfect solution to ensure that visitors to your site can get their questions answered and contact you to become a customer, without paying a staff member to man your phones/emails 24 hours a day. In our increasingly fast-paced world, customers demand quicker gratification and answers. With text messaging, Facebook messenger, iMessage and other instant messaging services being used more and more, the percentage of people that would rather just type their questions is growing.

Additionally, potential customers are browsing the Web to do their shopping research more and more after business hours. Unless you’re open 24 hours a day or have agents on call, you risk losing business.

On average, 42% of leads generated through the chat feature that Page 1 Solutions offers convert after the typical 9-5 business hours.

And, since most chat services only charge you for valid leads that come through, you’re saving money over hiring internally.

Who Is the Lead Chatting With?

Page 1 Solutions live chat sessionThere are different types of chat services available from multiple companies. Most of them, including the chat feature offered to Page 1 Solutions clients, come with an agent on the other end. There are also virtual chats that are essentially a computer program designed to answer basic questions, but I’m going to focus on chat that uses a real human agent – those are the most effective.

The chat agent works off of a script. Their main goal is to get your leads’ contact information, including email and phone number, and to answer basic questions about your business. These scripts are customized to be specific to your business, and the agents are trained on how to use the script to represent your brand effectively.

These agents can easily answer questions such as “When are you open?” or “Where are you located?” When the lead starts asking for more specific information about services, procedures or products, the chat agent is trained to get contact info and let the lead know that someone from your office will follow up.

Quick and easy for your potential customer to get the answers they need, and you get the info you need to follow up and hopefully convert them into a customer.

Contact Page 1 Solutions about Adding Chat to Your Website

Hopefully at this point you realize that adding a chat feature to your site is something you can’t afford not to do. Adding chat to your site allows you not to miss potential leads outside of normal business hours, increases the ROI of your site and allows your potential customers and existing customers to get answers to their questions and not feel like they have to work calling you during business hours into their busy schedule.

For more information about Instant Chat, please engage our own chat agent or call Page 1 Solutions at 800-368-9910 today.