Top 5 Reasons You Need Live Chat

For Lawyers, Doctors, and Dentists

By now, most people are familiar with the concept of live chat and have probably utilized it on various other websites on a regular basis. For those who do not, live chat is a platform that allows your practice to chat directly with your website visitors.

The focus now is not what live chat is, but why it is a necessary feature on any business’s website.

1. User Convenience

Live chat provides your website visitors with instant access to your practice in real time. Live chat provides convenience for users who are unable or not comfortable calling, or don’t want to submit an email request with no timetable on a response.

A report by Econsultancy shows that customers appreciate the convenience of being able to use live chat without committing a large chunk of time and attention to the task. According to this report, 51% of customers prefer live chat for multitasking purposes. As technology continues to advance to make things more convenient, features like live chat will continue to become more of a necessity to have on your website and contribute to your practice’s overall user experience.

2. Competitive Advantages

A study done by TELUS International found that many businesses still do not use any sort of live chat system on their websites. A very recent study of 1,000 websites found that only 9% of websites use live chat to provide real-time support to their users and 21% of live chat requests are not answered.

The important thing to keep in mind when reading these stats is that chat is growing in popularity, especially with millennials. Incorporating real-time live chat into your website will separate your practice from competitors while also taking advantage of the growing popularity of this feature. In a day and age when people are looking for information faster and with the continued advancements in technology, live chat provides your practice with a feature that many are not taking advantage of, but that many are seeking.

3. Reduced Expenses

Every business is interested in reducing expenses, and live chat can provide that when compared to traditional support costs, like call centers. A Forrester Research study shows that live chat is 17-30% cheaper than phone call support. Whether you have chat agents or a staff member managing your live chat feature, they have the ability to multitask and service multiple users at once, thus reducing expenses that would have gone to additional personnel.

4. Increased Sales

As I mentioned, live chat provides users with instant access to your practice to answer any questions or schedule a consultation. All of this is happening while this user is still on your website. Live chat can generate leads throughout the entire user journey. From initial research to recent client support and client retention, live chat is a lead generation feature that touches every stage of the user cycle on your website. Having that real-time, instant interaction available through live chat will obviously help improve response times form the chat agents standing by to handle all inquiries, which can lead to a higher number of conversions right at the user’s point of need. 

5. Help Clients Even When You’re Not There

Many businesses struggle with responding to inquiries afterhours. But, with real-time live chat features, you won’t have to worry about that. Agents can be available 24/7 to help users in need of interaction and direction, thus further separating your practice from competitors.

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