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November 11, 2016

We recognize that there is an overwhelming amount of information on the Web.  The problem is no longer simply finding information, but filtering through all the noise to distill the most relevant content that can help you build your online practice efficiently and generate the greatest ROI.

We thought we would share just a few website development strategies from other credible online marketing experts.  Hopefully you will find them helpful and implement at least a few of them.  Good luck!

Update Your Website Form To Improve Conversions -  Nitin Deshdeep from Visual Web Optimizer shared great information and visual samples of websites that improved their website form conversions though 7 easy to implement strategies:  

  • Intelligent Web Forms
  • Rewards
  • Contest Forms
  • Form Field Selection
  • Creativity
  • Timely Promotion
  • Testing Form Layouts

Of course there are many other ways to boost conversions of your website forms.  Some of them can focus on increasing phone calls in addition to form submissions.  Let us know if you would like to share some additional ideas – 800-916-3886.

Website Design Tips That Can Help Improve Your Website’s Conversion Rate – offers good articles that include website development tips.  This quick read from Jonathan Long offers 6 immediate and easy-to-read insights or reminders if you are updating your website, or building a brand new one. 

Whether it’s choosing the right types of photos, or determining how you incorporate your social media, take a closer look at your website and see if any of these ideas can help improve your conversions and generate your practice more leads.

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Address User Experience (UX) To Improve Website Conversions – Learn 4 Tips Developing a website that converts is not simply about adding promotions and aggressive calls-to-action.  Syed Balkhi shares why online marketers need to focus on “User Experience” to create credibility and develop the trust of your visitors to earn their engagement (and become a lead).  Take a more empathetic approach to lead generation and you will also boost the quality of your leads.

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We hope you find these resources useful.   Add a Comment, or tell us what you think!

~ Bill Fukui - Director of Sales & Marketing