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We have all heard the adage that “timing is everything”.  And in in the case of marketing and sales, getting this right is essential for success and high ROI.  Sounds pretty simple, but the challenge is how to make it happen and leverage timing in your own marketing.  When we evaluate practices’ marketing efforts, we typically find timing being left out of their campaign considerations.

Identify Your Highest Quality Lead Types

In order to leverage timing in your strategies, you need to first identify what type of leads make up your highest quality prospects.  For the vast majority of our clients, this means telephone call leads.

Prospective clients that pick up the phone and call your practice are far and away more interested in getting immediate answers, further down the decision-making cycle and ready to engage and take the “next step.”  Telephone calls also help you develop more immediate rapport with your prospects and project a higher level of credibility and trustworthiness.  Bottom line, your intake staff are much better at closing these types of leads.

Second, your practice needs to set up goal conversion and lead tracking systems to accurately monitor the various types of leads, including telephone calls, email form submissions, live chat engagements and text message leads. By segregating your lead types, you can then start identifying ways to stimulate your highest quality lead; telephone leads.

There are a number of strategies to get more telephone leads from your website marketing, but timing is a critical.

Track Leads by Hours of Day 

In most practices, telephone leads typically comes during the hours where prospects know your office is open. This sounds obvious and common sense, but by tracking it and making it more visual, you may uncover even more insights.

For instance, here is a chart that identifies a client’s lead volume by 1) Type (call, chat, email, Facebook ads, inbound marketing and text messaging) and 2) Hour of the Day they are generated.

In this case, the practice is generating far more telephone call leads than any other lead types, but we can also see that the most popular times visitors are willing to pick up the phone and engage with the practice occur during the pre-lunch hours (9-11am).  Your times may differ based on your services, marketing and marketplace/competitors.  So how can you take advantage of this information?  First, you can leverage these times with your paid advertising when setting up your campaigns. Second, be sure your intake team is aware of higher volume times and that there is someone always available to handle the incoming calls.  Many times when I secret shop practices, they are not available or “closed for lunch” during obvious lead-generation times. Third, consider lunch time offers and promotions options, etc.

Another thing about this practice’s lead trends is that Live Chat appears to be another daytime lead generation opportunity.  I believe this website generates more live chat leads during working hours of the day, because 1) it has higher daytime traffic and 2) it gives those visitors that may be a little hesitant to call a lower risk option to communicate and get questions answered. The good news with live chat leads is that these prospects have a greater desire (and higher expectation) to get a more immediate response than submitting an email form.  Internet leads grow cold very quickly, so it will be increasingly important to follow up with these chat leads.

The practice’s email form submissions tend to be the most consistent throughout most of the day and evening. 

Days of the Week

Much like hours of the day, days of the week can also influence your lead generation and provide insights to attract more.  Of course, this too will depend largely on the type of marketing you are running, the type of services you are promoting (and target audience), as well as your competitors. 

Take a look at this same client’s lead generation report based on days of the week.


In this case, the practice generates a higher volume of its telephone leads earlier in the week (weekdays) rather than later.  Email and chat appear to be more steady throughout the week.  Again, this practice needs to share this information with intake team members to ensure they are prepared for these higher volume days.  Also, knowing that more leads tend to come in on these days, make sure your campaigns focus heavier on these days.  This is particularly true with practices that have very limited ad budgets and need to concentrate dollars on higher opportunity options.  Yet, many times when we evaluate ad campaigns for practices, they set up daily/weekly/monthly budgets to run indiscriminately, 24/7. By taking a “set it and forget it” approach to your online advertising, you will continue to waste marketing dollars and lower your ultimate ROI.

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