The Secret Weapon for a Successful Practice

For Lawyers, Doctors, and Dentists

There is one element to your marketing strategy that you probably don’t even realize is affecting your results. Or maybe you do know that it has an impact, but you don’t fully comprehend how much. It is one of the deciding factors in whether your marketing efforts catapult your business forward – creating broader brand awareness, driving more leads, and enhancing your reputation – or whether your efforts fall flat.

So what is that magic ingredient? Employee satisfaction.

Yes, you heard me right. Your employees have a direct impact on your business’ success.

Think of it this way: a happy employee will be your brand’s most vocal and most loyal ambassador. They are your sales team, and they are the keepers of your reputation. Take a read through online reviews, and note how many times reviewers state what they loved or loathed about their experience – you’ll notice how frequently the staff is mentioned.

Why Your Staff Is Crucial to Your Success

Employees have a vested interest in your company’s success, because the more successful the practice is, the more stability and opportunity for advancement for them. Furthermore, the first and last interactions your clients have with your business is often with your staff; the crux of the customer experience lies with them. Ensuring that your employees are in the right position within the company, that they are feeling fulfilled and stimulated, and that they are valued and appreciated will result in a smoother, happier customer experience. And we all know what that means: a happy customer is more likely to buy.

Take stock of your staff and internal processes, and honestly assess the following:

1. Are Your Employees in the Right Positions?

Nurturing and capitalizing on each staff member’s strengths will help them succeed. As an exercise, write out each staff position on a piece of paper, then list the qualities the person in that position needs to possess in order to do the job in the best way possible.

spa receptionist booking appointment while talking to customer over the phoneFor example, the person answering the phones not only needs to be pleasant, friendly, and courteous, but they also must know how to sell. They should know your products and services inside out, be able to answer all questions, and talk at length about their benefits.

2. Is There Open and Consistent Communication with Your Staff?

Is your administrative or executive team regularly communicating with your staff? Do they feel that they can approach you with questions, concerns, and feedback? Are you listening attentively and implementing solutions when they are warranted?

It’s true that staff management and communication takes time and effort in the already-busy schedule of a doctor or attorney. If you feel as though you need help in this arena, hire an experienced practice manager to steer the ship and keep things on course.

3. Do You Reward Work Well Done?

What kind of perks and benefits do you offer your employees, as a group and as individuals? Are there incentives to do a good job, and is there room for growth?

The best employees are often driven individuals with an inherent desire to do a good job. They will naturally seek out opportunities to continue developing their skills. Reward their efforts with opportunities to advance their certifications, giving them pay raises when they are deserved, and asking them to take a bigger role in the day-to-day business of the practice.

happy friends sitting at the rail of a yachtRemember that a rising tide lifts all ships: If your staff believes that they will benefit from your success, they will work hard to contribute to that success.

4. What Is the General Atmosphere of the Practice?

No one likes to go to work when the environment is negative, dramatic, boring, or cutthroat. If your employees feel that they can’t trust their coworkers or that they are operating without the support of a team, they will not perform at their best.

Cultivate teamwork, collaboration, and accountability. Stress is inevitable in a busy practice, but ensuring that your staff are working together and communicating as a team will be the key to weathering all storms.

5. Does Your Staff Understand Your WHY?

Why do you do what you do? What motivates you to provide the best service possible to your patients or clients? Page 1 Solutions’ clients are doctors, dentists, and lawyers who are in business to improve or enhance their clients’ lives in some way. Communicating WHY you do what you do will help your staff – and therefore your customers – develop a loyal relationship with your business.

Purchase decisions are almost always emotionally driven. If your staff can communicate your mission and provide amazing service simultaneously, there will be no limit to your success.

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