The Power of Google My Business: Building the Perfect GMB

For Lawyers, Doctors, and Dentists

Desert Hills Plastic Surgery Center Google My Business listing in local search resultsIt shouldn’t surprise you that Google has the power of where to place your practice on search engine results. Following Google’s rules and regulations will help you in your quest to earn page 1 placements in the map and organic listing results.

Let me walk you through how to build out the perfect Google My Business profile that Google will appreciate.

Make the Most of Your Existing Asset

Your practice, whether or not you’ve claimed it already, most likely has a Google My Business page. This is the information that shows up on the right hand side of search results when your business comes up in a search result.

The first step in mastering Google My Business, or GMB, is to claim your listing.

There are so many things you can do with Google My Business – let’s start with your business information. Some of the areas to check once you’ve claimed your listing include:

  • Updating holiday hours
  • Making sure your regular hours are accurate
  • Having the correct address and suite number
  • Using the correct phone number
  • Answering your most frequently asked questions (you can ask your own questions – you don’t need to wait for someone to ask one)

Google My Business reviews and posts for Goldstein Dental CenterThese and other activities will show Google that you are up-to-date with letting people know where you are, when you’re available, and take that extra step on answering questions they may already have. Keep in mind, if you didn’t have the correct information on a business, you wouldn’t recommend it – neither would Google.

Invite Clients into Your Office

Now that your foundation for GMB is complete, it’s time to “decorate” with videos and images of your practice. This way, Google has something to show potential clients and patients what your practice and staff look like – giving them full transparency into your business. This helps establish trust with potential clients as well as Google itself, which is why Google rewards those who help them recommend the picture-perfect business.

To take it a step further, you can work with Google, or Page 1 Solutions, to create a Google Virtual Tour to showcase your business. This gives potential clients the ability to walk into your practice without having to leave their desktop or mobile device. These virtual tours keep viewers on the page for a longer period of time and increase interaction, therefore giving you an increase in positive metrics such as average time on page that Google uses to determine search rankings.

Increase Engagement from the SERPs

Google Post example: Goldstein Dental CenterLast, but certainly not least, are Google My Business Posts. With GMB posts you can share any and all updates that are happening with your business. Blog posts, business updates, special offers, even events that are happening are things you can share with your audience.

When you share these as GMB posts, you are letting Google know that these new updates are happening at your practice. This tells Google that you are an active business with things going on that people NEED to know about.

If it benefits the end user, Google will want to share it with the world. Updates on practice areas? Post it. New staff and interior photos? Post it. Special savings for a limited time? POST IT. Increasing interactivity on your GMB profile greatly enhances the effectiveness of your attorney seo, dentist seo, physician seo, or eye care specialist seo signals. 

Start Getting the Most from Your Google My Business Listing

As you might expect, Google places a lot of value in the information submitted to GMB. By claiming, optimizing, and enriching your GMB listing, you are helping Google identify your business as the one to recommend.

We want Google, prospective clients, and others to see your practice as the one they should pick. If you have any questions or want to know more about Google My Business, please call Page 1 Solutions at 303-233-3886 or contact us online for a free evaluation of your off-site marketing and search engine optimization.