The Importance of Non-Business Hours

For Lawyers, Doctors, and Dentists

For medical practices and law firms, business hours are not as black-and-white as they are for the majority of other businesses. Not only do practice owners have to worry about having reasonable enough hours for their working clientele, but they also operate on appointments. You can make a plan to run to the grocery store during your lunch break because you know it’s open, but an appointment with a physician or lawyers is not always promised during your available times during the day. This is why it is so important to not only make the most of your business hours when it comes to phone calls and website inquiries but it is also pivotal to make sure you are also utilizing your NON-business hours.

Most people are also working during your business hours, so you can bet that the majority of their online research when it comes to finding an attorney, cosmetic surgeon, cosmetic dentist or ophthalmologist will typically take place during your NON-business hours. This is where converting that prospective patient or client gets tricky. You will most likely not be the only practice that this person is reaching out to.

It has now become a competition of who responds first and how they respond. This is why it is so important to “work” even when you’re not working. There are a few ways to combat this business hours discrepancy between your practice and your target audience.

pen resting on desk calendar with busy appointment schedule

Online Forms and Auto Responders

Having a contact form on your website for potential patients/clients to leave their information and inquiry is mandatory. If they are sitting on their couch on a Saturday morning looking at your website, they probably will not assume that you would be open on that day or at that time anyway, so having that contact form will really bridge that gap.

Taking it one step further, you should have an auto responder set up for every contact form fill you receive through your website. Page 1 Solutions creates custom auto responders for all of our new website designs that typically include a photo of the staff and a brief blurb explaining that the inquiry was received, and then directs them to engagement-driven content such as the website blog or different social media outlets.

Learn about our lead tracking options for new clients and patients you generate through your website:

Now that your potential patient/client has contacted you, this now encourages them to learn more about you and keep you top of mind, suppressing your competitors.

online contact form on the website for Stephen M. Miller MD Plastic Surgery

thank-you email example - plastic surgeon Dr. Stephen MillerIf you can reach out to people who filled out your website contact form during your non-business hours, that would be the ideal-case scenario. However, if this can’t be done, be sure to prioritize the first part of your morning the next day (or the first part of your Monday morning if you got a website inquiry over the weekend) to these people. There is a very small window for you to leave your mark in their mind and hopefully call them or email them back before any of your competitors do.

Voicemail Recordings

It can sometimes be difficult to get people to leave voicemails. A lot of practices make the mistake of putting TOO MUCH information in their voicemail recording, taking too much time and then forcing people to hang up before they leave a voicemail out of frustration.

The ideal-case scenario would be to have all of your non-business hour calls be forwarded to a call center where they can be greeted by a human being and then be able to schedule an appointment. If working with a call center is not an option for you, a great way to get people to leave a voicemail and value you a little higher than your competitors is to be transparent in your voicemail recording about when they can expect a call back. For example, saying: “You have reached us during non-business hours. However, if you leave your name and number, we can promise we will get back to you no later than 8am tomorrow morning” can go a really long way.

smiling female call center agent

Online Chat

Page 1 Solutions offers a live chat platform to all of our clients. A live chat option on your website can really help acquire more leads, especially during non-business hours. This option allows potential patients/clients to speak to a live representative via their mobile phone or desktop computer and give your practice all of their information without you needing to lift a finger.

online chat agent on the website for the Law Offices of Gary Bruce

sample online chat - website of the Law Offices of Gary BruceThis is a great option for people who hate picking up the phone to talk to someone about what they need. These sorts of platforms are also very easy to monitor, making it that much simpler for you to reach out to these people as soon as you can.

Your Profession Is Not the Typical 9-5

As practice owners, you don’t have the luxury of setting certain business hours and only having to worry about your profession in that given amount of time. Medical and legal matters are taking place at all times of the day, making it very important that you do what you need to do to be as easily accessible and available to your clientele.

Page 1 Solutions offers a number of services to help optimize this challenge, even when your office is closed. Learn how we can help you generate more leads during a free evaluation. Call 303-233-3886 today to get started!