The Importance of Multi-Channel Marketing

For Lawyers, Doctors, and Dentists

Many agencies and speakers are advocating the importance of multi-channel marketing. You might also have encountered the term "omni-channel marketing." No matter what terms you use, the message is clear: marketing success derives from a multifaceted strategy that encompasses a host of elements to build your brand, drive website traffic, capture leads, and generate revenue.

Page 1 Solutions was ahead of the game when it comes to multi-channel marketing. Dan Goldstein published "Win with Multi-Channel Digital Marketing" in 2016, and we have worked with attorneys, plastic surgeons, med spas, dentists, and ophthalmologists to create comprehensive, winning marketing strategies ever since.

online marketing options

The underlying goal of multi-channel marketing is to have business presence in all of the places consumers are looking at information online. Social media, email, websites, search engines, connected TV, videos, and live streams are all places where businesses have an opportunity to market themselves and potentially gain customers.

The Rule of Seven

This is a marketing principle that says your audience will need to have at least 7 interactions with your brand before they convert into a patient or client.

To be clear, seven is not a magical number; the point is that you need to get your message in front of your audience multiple times before they take action. The good news is that it’s easier than ever to spread your brand message across all of the relevant channels where your ideal audience is consuming information and content.

The message(s) your business promotes via a mutli-channel marketing strategy can’t just be “Hey there, buy our stuff!” It has to be thought out and personalized to the specific segments you’re targeting. So, taking the time to plan out the strategy of your placements and message is what is going to make or break the campaigns. According to a joint report by ClickZ and Swrve, an integrated mutli-channel marketing strategy can deliver a revenue uplift of 15%-35%.

At the same time, a recent Salesforce study found that 84% of consumers say being treated like a person, not a number, is very important to earning their business.

Multi-Channel Marketing In Action

Many of our clients come to us because they’ve learned about the multi-channel marketing approach through the various conventions they attend and webinars they watch. Many try to do it themselves but then realize it’s a job in itself to implement this effectively.

One of our clients, a dental practice, had seen success in its “grassroots” marketing efforts but had essentially hit the ceiling of those efforts. After many discussions, the client agreed to a more cohesive marketing plan that included advertising online, something the practice has never done before. The goal was to drive more new leads and patients that needed sedation dentistry.

How We Increased New Patients

The dental practice already had a New Patient Special page for qualified patients. Essentially, new patients to the practice get a discount on their first visit, as well as a free take-home whitening kit. This is a great offer; the issue is that the practice wasn’t promoting it anywhere on the site besides the homepage. We then started promoting the New Patient Specials page by linking to it from other high-traffic pages on the site via call-to-action messaging.

These efforts culminated in October 2017 with a website scavenger hunt via a newsletter to the existing patient list. The scavenger hunt consisted of 10-15 questions that heavily hinted where users could find the answers on the website. The prize was a nice dinner and entertainment, in this case tickets to a popular local play.

You can see the results of this multi-channel strategy in the screenshot below showing traffic to the New Patient Specials page. The increase in traffic resulted in a noted increase of new patient leads.

New Patient Data

How We Increased Sedation Patients

Once we proved that trying something multifaceted can work to bring about great results, we started to talk to the client about running an Adwords campaign to promote sedation dentistry. In my research around sedation dentistry related keywords, I found that there was minimal competition for those terms in my client’s geographical area; the estimated cost per click was very low. We decided to start with a low budget and see what the results would be. To say it was a success would be quite the understatement.

Sedation Campaign Adwords

Sedation Page Data

As you can see in the screenshots above, the campaign was very successful in driving conversions at a low cost as well as driving traffic to the Sedation Dentistry page. We also saw an increase in keyword ranking during the time the campaign has been running.

Sedation Keyword Rankings

The data speaks for itself in reinforcing this multi-channel marketing approach.


This is just one of many examples of our clients using a multifaceted approach to their marketing and the benefits of it. For this client specifically, the new strategies we implemented were:

  • Improved integration of onsite internal links to drive traffic to New Patient Special page
  • Use of interactive contest to drive traffic to specific pages
  • Implementation of an ad campaign to increase leads and traffic

The benefits we saw were:

  • Increased new patient leads
  • Improved keyword rankings
  • Improved onsite traffic to specific pages

If you have any questions about your opportunities for a multi-channel marketing strategy, reach out to your IMC today or call us at 303-233-3886.