The Importance of Client Relationships

For Lawyers, Doctors, and Dentists

client and consultants meeting on round tableIf you work in a role managing clients, or if you are the client, then I’m sure you understand the various struggles that can come along with that. Consultants aren’t perfect, and neither are clients. Perfection isn’t the point, but having a healthy client relationship is paramount when it comes to the overall success of both parties.

At Page 1 Solutions, we frame the client-consultant connection as a partnership, which is exactly what it should be. It’s important both sides communicate effectively and work together so we can achieve any goal we set out to conquer.

Understanding Our Clients Enables Us to Help Them More

Is it true there are no stupid questions? In my opinion, no. Stupid questions do exist. If you have to ask your client something they’ve already stressed to you multiple times, that’s a stupid question. If you have to ask your coworker or boss the same thing over and over, that’s a stupid question. It’s up to me as a consultant to be an active listener and absorb the information being communicated so that we can use it to make smart business decisions together.

However, the only thing worse than being scared to ask a stupid question is not asking anything at all. If your consultant doesn’t ask for clarification on something they may not fully grasp, it will only widen the gap between you and them. The bigger the gap, the less likely they're going to have a positive impact on the overall business goals.

Most of my clients are in similar industries, but that in no way means they’re the same. Client priorities shift from practice to practice, so it’s our job to ask those simple questions to learn what makes them different. The better we can understand you as the client, the better job we can do for you. It really is that simple.

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Engaged Clients Experience Higher Success

Client engagement is of utmost importance. It ties back to allowing the consultant to truly understand your business, and therefore create a more effective strategy for your unique needs. The requirement of consultant engagement is undoubtedly even more important because it’s our job to serve as a valuable resource for your business, but a consultant can only do so much if the client is completely unengaged and unresponsive.

Maybe you have a new service or are running a monthly special. If you don’t communicate that with your rep, then how are they supposed to know? How are they supposed to help you grow that new service or promote the special?

At the same time, it’s the consultant’s responsibility to ask those questions. It’s a two-way street, and the better we communicate and speak openly about what’s going on, then the greater success we’ll be able to achieve together.

Trust Leads to Increased Productivity

Trust does not happen at the beginning of any relationship, and the same can be said with clients. As consultants, it’s our job to earn that trust over time. If we can show the results the client wants, then they’ll start to trust us more with our recommendations moving forward. In the end, those recommendations and new strategies are what will put you ahead of your competition.

If you’re paying a consultant to give you advice on your business and how to grow it the way you want, then you should probably trust them, right? That seems like a pretty simple rule of law, but too often it’s not the case. If you’re constantly requesting things you want or think will work, things that aren’t what's being recommended to you, it’s going to take longer to achieve your goals.

Having a trusting client-consultant relationship means less micromanaging and more time for actual work to be done. It means more time that your agency spends on innovating new marketing strategies for the account or exploring new channels that could potentially have a bigger impact. It’s simple math, when it comes down to it.

Mutual Respect Is Key

Working with clients from all different backgrounds means we get to experience a lot of different personality types. Everyone communicates differently, but that doesn’t mean anyone likes feeling disrespected or put down. I know from personal experience, I’ve found myself more inclined to focus on a client that respects me and my team rather than someone who might be rude and condescending. Don’t you think you would do the same with a disrespectful patient or client of your own?

marketing meeting devices and suppliesThat doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be honest and open. It also doesn’t mean you shouldn’t express your unhappiness when something’s not up to your expectations. As a consultant, I don’t always have the best news to share. Sometimes things happen – like a Google algorithm update – and your website traffic looks like it’s plummeting. We’re not going to hide that from the client so we can avoid having an uncomfortable conversation. It’s our job to bring it to the table, call the elephant in the room, and have a plan for next steps.

Additionally, the client is an expert in their field, and the consultant is an expert in their own. I wouldn’t expect a board-certified plastic surgeon to know how to navigate and analyze website traffic trends in Google Analytics, and they wouldn’t expect me to be able to perform a tummy tuck. Respect means understanding that we both have our role to play and that our purpose is to work together.

In the End, It’s a Relationship

When it comes down to it, the client-consultant dynamic should feel like a relationship. I’ve been an Internet Marketing Consultant at P1S for just a year now, which means I’ve been able to work with many of my clients throughout that entire time. Since then, I’ve been able to form some amazing relationships. I consider it a privilege to even know some of these intelligent individuals, and the fact that I get to play a role in helping them grow their business is an even greater feeling.

As with all relationships, there are ups and downs. It’s not always going to be rainbows and sunshine, but it’s our job to do the best we can so we can help you be as successful as possible. For me, it’s extremely rewarding to hear from a client that they had their busiest month ever when we’ve been working incredibly hard to get there. I’m happy when my clients are happy, and I’m upset when they're upset. If there’s one thing that I believe sets Page 1 apart, it’s that we truly care about each and every person we get to work with.

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