The Changing Face of Video Marketing

For Lawyers, Doctors, and Dentists

You’ve heard us talk about it time and again: video content should most certainly be a big part of your business’ content marketing and social media plan. Favored by both internet users and algorithms alike, video content commands higher engagement, boosts your brand authority, drives organic traffic and converts at a higher rate (Wordstream, June 9, 2019).

But for many of our clients, the thought of producing videos make them shudder. At just the mention of featuring their business or their staff on camera, fear and reluctance often kick in:

“But I’m terrible on camera!”

“I have no time to practice!”

“Videos take so much time and money to produce!”

We’ve heard all of these concerns and more. And, we understand; for years, creating quality video content meant investing a large amount of time, money and energy into production. But not anymore.

After coming up against these challenges time and again, we at Page 1 Solutions knew we needed to find an alternative way to produce high quality video content which could be used on a more regular basis. While there will always be immense value in a custom video shoot that features your business’ staff, services and location on film, we recognized that traditional high-cost, low-yield video shoots weren’t producing enough video content to consistently drive your brand’s message forward in a competitive digital landscape.

Read about options for custom video content to enhance the marketing for your practice:

This year, Page 1 Solutions began experimenting with a different video format designed to catch the attention of your ideal customer when scrolling through their social media feed. We take evergreen blog content customized for our clients by our expert writers and whittle it down to succinct bullet points, creating a visual script that can be overlayed on top of video footage or a photography montage. Using a combination of your brand’s pre-existing photos and videos with high-quality stock imagery and videos can help distinguish your content from the rest of the market while ensuring a quick turnaround that enables us to stay on top of content trends.

Using this format as part of your video marketing strategy allows us to avoid common obstacles like production time, cost and camera-shy experts, while still producing eye-catching video that will appeal to site users and search engines alike.

These new videos are created regularly as part of our clients’ monthly custom content plans. No matter the industry, video marketing helps our clients achieve their goals with leads, conversions and search engine rankings, time and again.

Video Marketing for Attorneys

The best video topics for attorneys either distill a complex topic into layman’s terms, give short how-to’s on legal rights or explain actions to take to protect your legal rights. The best rule of thumb is to reference the common questions your law firm answers regular basis, or ask your IMC for query data from the search engines, reflecting the questions that users are searching.


Video Marketing for Plastic Surgeons

Video content for plastic surgeons is best utilized to answer frequently asked questions that your staff hear over the phone or in treatment rooms. Generally speaking, the questions that you receive in the office are often the same questions that internet users are searching when doing research ahead of a procedure. Answering their questions in video form allows you to provide a concise and engaging answer that is memorable, and also helps boost your rankings in search.

Video Marketing for Dentists

Dentists can benefit from video marketing by using video content to show patients what to expect during procedures that might otherwise make them nervous. Additionally, showing teeth before and after cosmetic dental procedures gives your audience a strong visual image of the payoff of their investment, and helps them visualize their new life with enhanced confidence and a better smile.

Video Marketing for Ophthalmologists and LASIK Surgeons

Video marketing for ophthalmologists can help explain complex topics such as cataracts and LASIK surgery in a way that is quick and easy to understand. Even simple topics like how to care for your lenses can be great topics for a broad audience. Furthermore, video allows patients to easily envision a life after LASIK surgery, enjoying lifestyle changes like swimming without having to worry about glasses or contacts. When a potential customer can easily see the possibility for a better life, they are more likely to buy.


Video marketing is changing. Obstacles like production time, high cost and inexperience in front of the camera are no longer deal-breakers for practices who want to reap the benefits of spreading their brand message through video content. Contact your IMC at 303-233-3886 today to find out how Page 1 Solutions can increase your reach, visibility, leads and conversions with our quick, custom video content!