The Buyer’s Journey and Multi-Channel Marketing

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May 31, 2016

In Dan Goldstein’s book Win With Multi-Channel Marketing he talks about the buyer’s journey in to demonstrate the importance having a multi-channel approach to your digital marketing efforts. Now it’s time to take a closer look at how this sales funnel model can help determine if your multi-channel marketing efforts are targeting your prospects at every stage of their journey. By targeting content and marketing efforts to all stages of a buyer's journey you can be sure you are maximizing your businesses presence online and presenting customers with the right message and content at the right time.

The three stages of the buyer's journey

The buyer’s journey consists of three different stages. Each of these stages represents a different mindset your prospects have in the journey to choosing to purchase your services.

The Awareness Stage

In this stage of the buyer’s journey prospects come to understand that they have a need or pain point. This need is something that your services can help them with. How do they discover the need?

  • A situation in their life creates the need
  • They realize they have an existing need

However they discover the need that your services can help with, the prospect will often not have a clear understanding of how to address their need. It’s important that you have a multi-channel marketing plan that builds awareness of the need and educates prospects. Realize that it is more important at this stage to focus on the prospect’s need and not your product or brand.

The Consideration Stage

Once your prospects are educated about what their need is and the solution to it, they are ready to begin looking for help in finding a solution. You need to make sure your solution is on the list of those they will be considering.
All of this means you need have marketing strategies that have your business in front of prospects.  You also need to have content that moves beyond educating prospects about the need, to what your business’s solution to it is. Your prospects will be looking closely about your specific offerings, how they address their need and how they differentiate your business from your competition.

The Decision Stage

Finally your prospects are ready to make a decision. They have a short list of a few vendors they feel have solutions that best fit their need. For this stage it is important to have content such as product comparison charts, case studies, live demonstrations, free consultations, more information about your business and your staff, etc.

Often it isn’t your business’s solution that makes your prospects decide in your favor. It’s deeper than that. Things like testimonials and reviews about the excellent way you treat people, blogs about your philanthropy in your community, social media posts about your receptionist’s birthday celebration can all help influence that final decision. It’s these kinds of “beyond the solution” content pieces can only further help move prospects to decide in your favor.

The Buyer’s Journey Roadmap

Below is an infographic showing a few examples of the tactics and content that can be used at various stages of the buyer’s journey. There are more to come! In the coming months I will be looking more closely at each stage of the buyer’s journey. I will also be giving specific examples of the various tactics and content that are apropriate for each stage and how your business can use them to target buyers on their journey.

Posted by Christopher Rabe, Internet Marketing Consultant