Start Building Your 2019 Content Marketing Strategy TODAY!

For Lawyers, Doctors, and Dentists

Christian Stack - Internet Marketing Consultant
December 7, 2018

You have a website to promote your practice and the services you offer. It has pages about you and your practice areas, and it has blog posts. Other than thinking “Ugh, I have to write ANOTHER blog post?,” how much do you really think about the content on your site? The website for your practice lives and dies by the content on it. If you haven’t heard the term “Content is King,” you haven’t been paying attention!

Planning your content calendar for the coming year will take your practice marketing to the next level, give you an edge over your competition and take the stress out of coming up with content ideas throughout the year.

Why Build a Content Calendar?woman pinning a calendar on the wall

A well-planned content calendar is a tool that can be shared among your team members to plan all of your content marketing goals. It helps keep your team on the same page and working towards the same goals, as well as taking the guess work out of what your content topics will be.

Planning your content in calendar form as opposed to just a list of topics allows you to see how your content will be spaced throughout the year. This allows you to plan content around important dates, holidays and special offers from your practice, as well as see any gaps in your content plan.

Keeping Content Timely

One of the biggest benefits of planning out your content into a calendar is that you can align your content with holidays, special events and promotions. This allows you to get an even bigger ROI from your content, announce your promotions to your clients and capitalize on holidays.

Here are some ways to use a content calendar to time content for bigger impact:

  • Holidays are a great time to improve your brand awareness, create goodwill among your audience and get your name in front of potential new leads. Refrain from using these to promote your business; instead, stick with celebrating and wishing your audience a happy holiday. Social media is the best way to spread these types of content!
  • If you have a planned special, post a blog about it ahead of time. You can then share this to your social media channels and create an email newsletter to announce it.
  • Look at monthly observances and plan content around them. For example, November is “National Healthy Skin Month”. That is the perfect time to post a blog about your skin treatments! Don’t forget to share to social media to get it even more traction!
  • Bonus: Need some help with observances? Check this resource out!

Content Doesn’t Just Mean Blog Posts!

visual contentAnother benefit to using a content calendar is that it allows you to plan out different types of content.  Content doesn’t just mean a blog post! Using different types of visual content gives you more time on page from your audience and more engagement. It’s also great to share to social media!

By planning your content out for the year ahead, you have time to come up with topics for your visual content, find the right images to use and create visual assets that are appealing and engaging. This goes double for video!

Video is quickly becoming the most important type of content, and it is not going away. In fact, the average American watches 1.5 hours of video a day! By including video in your content calendar, you get the benefit of having a head start on creating a great library of informative videos. This gives you time to plan the video, acquire the equipment needed and get your team ready to shine!

Become a Better Partner With Your Marketing Team

Many practices work with a marketing agency that assists in creating content. Even the best content team is limited by the topic at hand. By creating a content calendar for your practice, you can become an even better team with your marketing agency and make sure that the content they produce for you is in line with what your practice is trying to promote.

If your marketing agency isn’t working with you to create content that truly promotes your practice well, or if you are not working with a marketing agency that helps you with content, that needs to change! Please contact Page 1 Solutions today. You can reach us toll-free at (303) 233-3886 to discuss how we can take your content and marketing efforts to the next level!