Sometimes You Need to Step Away From Your Screen and Learn About Digital Marketing IRL

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Lobby at Digital Summit Denver 2017By Andrea Techlin, Internet Marketing Consultant

I’m the type of person that has a general curiosity about how things work. I’ll read books and watch informational videos for hours. I love learning from someone who has both expertise and passion for a topic. I get so much more from this experience when it happens in a group setting where the communication of information becomes an exchange of ideas and I can absorb the energy of the conversation and the room.

It’s so important to get away from your desk sometimes and chat about a problem with a coworker or attend a professional conference and hear about others’ failures and successes.

For this reason I was excited to spend an afternoon at Digital Summit Denver to learn new things and soak up some inspiration. Here are the highlights from my favorite sessions. I encourage you to check out the speakers and see what else you can learn from them!

Opening Keynote, Seth Godin

Seth is one of the few actual marketing “gurus”. He is succinct, but thought-provoking.

I started reading his blog when I first started my marketing career, and I like that he challenges the status quo. He doesn’t give you a step-by-step guide to anything; rather, he pushes you to be more thoughtful and think about the why and who before jumping headfirst into the how.

Marketing Guru Seth Godin Gives the Day 1 Keynote at Digital Summit Denver

Marketing to the masses isn’t necessary and it doesn’t work anyway. Instead of chasing after more and more impressions and clicks, we should be thinking about the smallest viable group of customers that would sustain us and give them something special that’s just for them.

But stop thinking about how to make your brand unique – that’s about you. How can you create something your customers want or need that’s for people like them? Show you understand them and create a culture they want to join.

Advanced Tracking and Enriched SERP Results Via Google Tag Manager, Paul Duncan, Cabela's

Paul Duncan of Cabela's Talks Google Tag Manager | Digital Summit DenverGoogle Tag Manager is a way for non-developers to add code to a website. It’s also helpful in reducing load time issues since your code is off-site.

Although this topic was pretty technical, Paul was very enthusiastic about the many ways this free webmaster tool can be used. He kept my attention with a quick rundown of why different event tracking methods are important and some examples of how you could use them.

Want to see in Google Analytics how far down someone looked at your page? Implement Depth Scroll Tracking. Want to know what section of a page they spent most of their time? Look at Screen Time. Are visitors hovering over certain areas? Add Hover Tracking.

You can also use GTM to add to your pages to help search engines find the most helpful information about your product or service for search results. It was quite compelling to see his example of a result in second position look more prominent than the first because of its review score, pricing, and availability information highlighted.

The Key to Reducing Churn – Mapping Your Customer’s Journey, Pamela Herrmann, Create Buzz

This presentation was a good mix of simple psychology and understanding (and caring!) how your customer is feeling, thinking, and doing at each touch point. It is very easy to miss the mark in our messaging, user interfaces, and Web/app engagement. Pamela asked us to look at the disconnect in the customer journey by stage-mapping the experience.

She used a personal experience as an example about signing up for a grocery coupon service. It seemed simple enough, with a link to sign up by email. She was actually taken to a form that asked for personal information that hardly seemed helpful in providing a better user experience: education level, household income, etc. When she later met the company’s Director of Analytics, she was surprised to learn that there was a disconnect between the internal departments, and many of those fields were collecting information that was not even being used! Removing these barriers helped people feel better about the perceived value of giving information in exchange for the service, and stopped people from dropping off.

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