Snapshot: A Day in the Life of a Social Media Specialist

For Lawyers, Doctors, and Dentists

As a Social Media Specialist, I am often asked by friends, family members, and the occasional colleague what exactly it is I do on a day-to-day basis. In their minds, my job consists solely of Likes, Follows, funny GIFs, and dealing with the latest Facebook security breach. Much to their surprise, my role as a Social Media Specialist extends far beyond that of friend requests and cat memes.

In my position, I have the opportunity to create and maintain our clients’ unique social media presence by retaining brand awareness, providing customer service, connecting with a target audience, and even generating leads through social media advertising. In reality, each day varies widely depending on our clients’ digital marketing needs. But to present a better idea of the work I provide my clients, I’ve broken down the top five job functions of a Social Media Specialist.

Monitor and Respond

Social media never sleeps, which is why the first thing I do in the morning is check in on my clients’ social media channels and respond to any questions or comments that may have been posted overnight, as well as look out for new reviews or recommendations. I also pass along any important messages to the Internet Marketing Consultant that may have come through for my clients that I am unable to answer without consultation from the client.

In addition to monitoring my client’s profiles, I also keep on top of industry-related news, trending subjects and hashtags, and hot topics that relate to my clients’ line of work. Any stories that I believe would be relevant for my clients’ audiences are added to a social media content document as a reminder to post to their profiles.

Organic Content Creation

One of the most important roles of a social media specialist is to showcase our clients’ unique personalities and what separates them from their competitors. The most effective way we are able to accomplish this is by creating branded, engaging content to share with our clients’ social media audience. These posts vary from custom graphics to blog posts to shared articles, but all share the goal of entertaining and informing the audience, as well as maintaining brand awareness.

Depending on the type of social media package, I publish about 2-3 posts’ on my clients social pages each week in order to keep their profiles updated with relevant information and to increase engagement on the page. Each month, we allot a paid boosted post budget for our social media clients to increase the amount of people who see and engage with specific content.

Campaign Management

Furthermore, I am also responsible for all aspects of social media advertising for my clients. The social media advertising process is extensive and includes many moving parts, including:

  • The initial ad proposal
  • Designing the advertisements and writing the copy
  • Creating a custom audience*
  • Establishing and planning A/B testing
  • Monitoring the campaign over the course of its duration
  • Tracking and reporting the success of the campaign.

* Creating audiences for ad campaigns is arguably the most crucial and challenging aspect of my job. It’s important to identify a precise audience who will eventually be seeing and engaging with your social media ad. With the recent data breach issues, Facebook has begun reducing the amount of “Interest Targeting” categories that digital marketers can use to target an audience. Instead, we rely on creating Custom Audiences based on our clients’ website visitors, social media followers, and Lookalike audiences to build audiences of users who are willing to take action on a given advertisement.

Inbound Marketing

In addition to managing social media, the social media specialists are responsible for creating and overseeing all inbound marketing campaigns, which is a type of digital marketing that focuses on educating and converting your current website visitors.

This includes creating the landing page and domain, designing the landing page to match the client's brand, automating the landing page with email automation platforms, advertising the campaign through social media, creating and uploading effective CTAs to the website, and tracking conversions.

Communication Is Key

At Page 1 Solutions, our clients’ social media strategy is tightly integrated with other aspects of digital marketing, including blog and website content, search engine optimization, website design, and overall branding. Our team communicates frequently to ensure we are all on the same page and working towards similar goals for our clients. The Internet Marketing Consultant relays the wants and needs of the client to our team, and we work in conjunction to create a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to meet the client’s goals.

Let Page 1 Solutions Manage Your Social Media Strategy

As you can see, there’s much more to social media management than meets the eye. If managing your social media marketing on your own seems overwhelming, a digital marketing agency such as Page 1 Solutions can create a comprehensive strategy that implements best practices to pursue the results you want to achieve. Call Page 1 Solutions today to learn more about how we can help you with your marketing efforts: 303-233-3886.