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Christian Stack - Internet Marketing Consultant
June 7, 2019

Are you spending money on paid ad campaigns? Is that ad budget being spent effectively? Would you like to know some ways you can tell if your PPC ad campaign needs to be managed by a professional PPC team? Well then keep reading!

I’m going to cover the top 3 signs that your PPC campaign needs a new manager.

There are lots of paid ad campaigns out there. But, most of the time when someone refers to a PPC (Pay Per Click) digital ad campaign, they are referring to Google Ads, previously known as Google AdWords. I will focus this blog post on these paid Google ads.

If you are new to PPC, you are likely overwhelmed by all the different terms, metrics and reporting that comes along with a campaign. That alone is reason enough to look into a professional PPC manager, but it’s not always enough. Perhaps you have slogged through enough reading to get your Campaigns, Ad Groups and Keywords set up, but you’re still not seeing the ROI you hoped for.

If that is you, read on! Here are to the top metrics to look into if you’re considering professional PPC management.

1. Low CTR

Google Ads is full of acronyms. Heck, just the name for these types of ads is an acronym: PPC. One of the acronyms you’ll see the most is CTR. What is CTR? Simply, CTR means “Click Through Rate.” It is a measurement of how many people saw your ad versus how many of them actually clicked on your ad.

There are many factors that can influence CTR. The biggest and most important factor is the structure of your ads and the message they are sending.

  • Are you using your ad extensions right?
  • Is your ad title compelling enough to invite a user to click on it?
  • Are you offering something enticing enough for that user to click on your ad?

These and many other factors all contribute to your CTR. Just making ads isn’t enough. You need ads that are compelling and invite users to learn more.

This isn’t as simple as it sounds. A professional PPC manager can offer insights and, more importantly, A/B testing to not only create enticing ads but refine your ads to keep improving the click-through rate

2. Low Quality Score

If you’ve set up ads in Google Ads and are seeing messages about low Quality Score, you might be stumped by what exactly that means. In a nutshell, Quality Score refers to how relevant the page that your ads are pointed to relates to the topic of your ad.

For example: Are you running a breast augmentation special in your ads, but users who click arrive on the home page of your site? From the user perspective, that isn’t the best experience.

The page your ads point to should relate directly to the subject of that ad. If you were looking for a specific service or procedure, you wouldn’t want to land on a page that had no further information on that service, would you? Well, that’s why Google focuses so much on Quality Score!

Making sure your ads relate to the pages you’re sending them to has multiple moving parts. If you consistently see low Quality Score messages, you may need the help of a professional manager for your PPC campaign.

3. Low Conversion

Metrics like Click Through Rate and Quality Score have an effect on how much ROI your ads generate. You want users who click on your ad to actually sign up for the service you’re offering. That is what conversion is all about.

If your ads are performing well and you’re seeing good CTR, but you’re not getting more phone calls or clients, then your conversion rate is low! This is the most important of these three metrics, so I saved the best for last.

At the end of the day, you want your ads to convert into new business. There are a ton of factors that go into how well your ads convert, including CTR and Quality Score. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. Good landing page creation, good Calls to Action (CTAs – more acronyms!) and good targeting of your ads are all part of seeing the highest conversions and ROI for your ads.

There are many other factors to higher converting ads. A professional PPC manager can help crack that code to produce the best ROI for your ad spend possible.

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All these acronyms and metrics are exhausting, and PPC is not something that you can “set and forget.” To make sure your precious ad dollars are being as effective as possible, you want to make sure these factors and many others are being attended to.

If you’re having problems with PPC, call Page 1 Solutions at 303-233-3886 for a free marketing consultation. Our experienced PPC team can help turn your struggling ads into an effective source of leads for your business!