Should I Use Instant Chat on My Practice Website in 2017?

Internet Marketing for Attorneys, Surgeons, and Dentists

By John Curley, Internet Marketing Consultant

How People Search

People who use search engines are looking for information due to a need. They are searching for the information required to make a decision, to answer a question and to fulfill a need they are experiencing. Searchers want results, good information and they do not want their time wasted.

A potential client found your website by SERP or a referral source like a display ad or social media campaign. Of the millions of pages on the Internet , they found your website over your competitors and are reviewing the content for answers. According to Forrester research data, 55% of US online adults are likely to abandon their online purchase if they can’t find a quick answer to their question.

How many times have you quickly departed a webpage that didn’t appear to answer your question? Don’t let these interested people slip away.

The more seamlessly a site visitor can fulfill informational needs and further interact with the business, the happier they will be. In 2017, searches are done primarily on mobile and millennials prefer text message to any other medium of communication. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why your practice website needs to provide an easy transition for users to review the content and then engage with a representative via their preferred communication channel.

What Is Instant Chat?

Online Chat Agents for Mobile Responsive Websites - Doctors, Lawyers, DentistsInstant live chat is a visually engaging, user-friendly option for turning site visitors into new clients. Simply click to start the conversation.

What Can Instant Chat Do for Me?

  • Average 40% increase in online leads
  • 42% of chat leads are submitted outside business hours
  • Average live chat time is 9 minutes

Visitors may be in very different places in their buyer’s journey, from just browsing to being impatient to make an appointment or make a purchase. Give these interested visitors every resource you can to answer questions, set appointments and engage with them further.

The longer site visitors stay on page, engage with the content and find the answers they are seeking, the higher your conversion rates. Indeed, we have seen many clients experience a boost in leads after they added live chat to their practice website.

Instant chat can be tailored to your clientele and business needs. It can be managed by one of your employees or a third-party operator using an industry-specific script to provide the best customer service.

Again, the most important goal in the online arena is to provide the information prospective clients search for quickly, accurately and satisfactorily. It is also critical to provide these visitors a means to contact your practice once they feel informed.

Although you might prefer phone calls or be accustomed to seeing emails come through your website, never underestimate the immediacy, customization potential and value that an online chat agent can add to your marketing and lead generation efforts.