Should I Use Hashtags on Facebook? #clientquestions

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My clients have the best questions! Last week Baltimore Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Adam Basner asked, “My wife noticed that the social team isn’t tagging Facebook posts as much anymore. Why is that?”

I liked this question because it created a bit of a challenge for me to answer. I had an immediate flashback to a few weeks ago when my mom added hastags to her Facebook post and I immediately texted her and told her that wasn’t “cool” anymore. But I never put much thought into why…

Thankfully my client was fine with me getting back to him and I went to the Page 1 Social Team to learn more!

Should We Use Hashtags on Facebook?

The consensus is that hashtags don’t resonate as well with Facebook users as they do on Twitter and Instagram followers. Facebook users tend to be much more sensitive to hashtags which means if you do hashtag your post, make sure the hashtags are easy to remember, obvious, short and relevant.   

Hashtags are also slightly less important now as most social media platforms include terms/keywords/phrases in search results, even without the hashtag.

If there is a particular event/observance/holiday/conversation that you are trying to "chime in on", do include a relevant, high-volume, high-visibility hashtag to go with it. The Page 1 Social Media Team doesn't use them (very often) to just plug keywords at random. It looks too spammy/salesy. Also, we see great value in using single branded hashtags from time to time, to keep many aggregated posts for a practice visible in a single spot, or for use with a single campaign.

Happy hashtagging!

~ By Brooke HensonSenior Internet Marketing Consultant

Hashtags are also slightly less important now, as most social media platforms include terms/keywords/phrases etc in search results, even without the hashtag.