Responsive Websites: Why You Need One

For Lawyers, Doctors, and Dentists

Worldwide, there are 6.8 billion cell phone subscribers in a world of 7.1 billion people*  We all know that in the near future, the majority of visitors to your dental website will be viewing it through a mobile device.

Today, it’s not enough to just be able to access your site through a mobile device.  It needs to be optimized and “responsive” to smartphone and tablet users.

What is a Responsive Website, and Why is it Important?

A responsive website is programmed and designed to modify the layout of the design to accommodate mobile visitors. Rather than just shrink the website, responsive designs dynamically change the layout to maximize mobile user experience.

This is important for two reasons:

  1. More and more potential patients will be viewing your website (that was originally designed to display on a desktop computer) using a much smaller screen.  Strategies to convert visitors using mobile devices are different than those using desktop or laptop computers.
  2. Google prefers websites that utilize a responsive platform.  In a public announcement and in the Google Developer resource, it specifically says that regarding sites that use responsive web design: “This is Google’s recommended configuration.”

Responsive Websites vs. Separate Mobile Websites

Early on, it was acceptable to develop a separate mobile version (ex. of your website where a visitor got redirected when a smartphone was detected. 

Unfortunately, this usually meant:

  1. Your mobile visitor had limited access.  A separate mobile site was typically a much smaller version of the main website (only 5-10 pages).
  2. Changes to the website now required it to be updated on both versions.
  3. Search engines needed to index multiple versions of the same pages. 

Responsive designs give mobile visitors full access to the entire website and helps search engines more effectively index all of your pages, which are now mobile-ready.

Don’t miss this opportunity to move into a responsive website and retain Page 1 to get you top search engine listings.

~ By Bill Fukui, Director of Sales & Marketing