ReachLocal: Good or Bad?

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December 15, 2012

What it is about cheap prices that draw us in? We can’t help but flock to cheap services, especially when the economy is down and we need to increase business. But beware of companies that have killer salesmanship and offer big promises for cheap because you may not see the catch right away. These companies certainly are not going to advertise the drawbacks of their services, and trust me, there are always drawbacks.

Take Reach Local for instance. They “specialize” in PPC campaigns for anybody and everybody. They have amazing salesmanship and seem quite inexpensive. They advertise that they can get a cheaper cost per click because they have a special relationship with the search engines. Sounds great, right?

When a company has over 700 clients, it can apply for a special certification through Google that allows it to pay less per click because the company is supplying so much business to the search engines. Most companies don’t have a client list numbering over 700, unless it is a very large company that uses software to manage client campaigns. And this is exactly how a company like Reach Local can do this “cheaper” pricing.

Reach Local uses very flashy and seemingly advanced software to manage its client campaigns. After running multiple campaigns with Reach Local, I was very disenchanted with the results, despite the flashy system and great phone tracking. And I’ll admit that its system for tracking phone calls is quite an amazing little system, but a computer does most of the actual work. With PPC you don’t want a computer doing most of the work. Reach Local does a very good job for some people, I’m sure. But at the end of the day I felt like this company is more about volume than quality.

A campaign needs to be fluid, and you need to be able to look at and adjust the campaign on a daily basis based on what keywords are getting you conversions (leads). Reach Local’s system doesn’t do that, and doesn’t give you transparency or control to do that. When talking with a representative about my campaigns, in the very beginning I was told that “We limit the client’s control over the campaign.” Okay, so they don’t have transparency, they base their fees on what you spend, and use computer software to manage the campaigns. Why would anybody want to work with them? Because they’re cheap and easy. But cheap and easy is not the best use of your money, especially during a recession. If you want to do PPC, hire a PPC specialist who will:

  • Not use software to manage your campaign
  • Give you ultimate control over your campaign and provide complete transparency
  • Charge you a flat fee, rather than base their monthly fee off of what you spend

Cheap and easy is attractive, especially in these difficult economic times, but with PPC it’s not worth the price you’ll ultimately pay. And if you feel like you are being sold a used car, then you probably are. Do your research and ask the tough questions.