Qualify, Convert, Capture: Why Lead Intake Training Makes Sense

Internet Marketing for Attorneys, Surgeons, and Dentists

By Bill Fukui, Director of Sales & Marketing

Looking for that human touch in your online marketing? Marketing campaigns build the authority of your practice and earn trust from prospects, but interactions with your staff often represent the culmination of a lead's decision to become one of your customers.

You already know the value of prospects who call your office. But does your team know how to handle these conversations?

Despite your best intentions – and all of the money you spend on marketing – it takes training and communication with the members of your support staff to turn them into a conversion-capable team. One of our services, lead intake training, is designed to create consistency among your employees so they present the best version of your practice, ask incoming prospects the right questions and know when and how to convert these new contacts into leads.

Watch this video to learn about the process of intake training and the issues it can correct in your practice's lead generation:

Your staff is at the front lines of your practice. They are the first people your customers see when they enter your office, so doesn't it make sense for them to be just as polished and professional on the phone or answering incoming emails or chats?

When you invest in lead intake training like the way you invest in digital marketing strategies to capture the attention and build rapport with prospective clients, you take a decisive step in improving not only the visibility of your practice online but your potential for more business.

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