Page 1 Client Grossman Plastic Surgery Garners News Coverage For Impressive Procedure

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Page 1 Solutions -
February 26, 2015

Grossman Plastic Surgery is a Denver-area plastic surgery practice and one of Page 1 Solution's most valued clients. Run by Dr. John Grossman and Dr. Philippe Capraro, Grossman Plastic Surgery has earned a reputation as one of the finest plastic surgery offices in the country.

Now, the office has won some much-deserved news coverage as a result of an extraordinary procedure Dr. Capraro performed, a procedure which Page 1 publicized with a press release that can be found here.

The procedure is a panniculectomy, which is designed to remove the large, over-hanging, apron-shaped roll of abdominal fat known as a panniculus. Dr. Capraro successfully removed a 50-to-100-pound panniculus from a woman who found herself unable to walk or even bring her feet together.

The procedure was a complete success, and 67-year-old Linda Sturdevant is now able to live her life with normal mobility.

All of this was chronicled by Denver-area FOX Affiliate KDVR, which ran an inspiring story on Ms. Sturdevant, Dr. Capraro and the procedure that changed her life. You can view the video and read the story at KDVR's website here.

This sort of news coverage is absolutely priceless. Coverage from a trusted news source brings a practice into the homes of thousands of people who might not otherwise be aware of it. And because the story comes from an objective journalistic outlet, it has significant credibility.

This is a perfect example of how skilled, carefully crafted internet marketing content can help spread awareness of the good work a client is doing. We congratulate Grossman Plastic Surgery and Dr. Capraro for the successful procedure. 

~ Andrew Bare, Content Writer