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October 9, 2015


Facebook Lead Generation Ads | By Andrew Wasyluk


Back in June of 2015, Facebook announced that they were testing a new type of ad called "Lead Ads." This ad format allowed mobile users to send their contact information to a business with two simple clicks. As of yesterday, October 9, 2015, these ads were rolled out to the general public.  Now businesses and advertisers alike have an additional cost-effective way to generate leads and collect information in real time directly through the Facebook platform.

Simplifying the Process

Previously, mobile users had to click to your website from the Facebook app, go to your contact page, spend time filling out a form, and submitting that form. With the new lead ads, a business can ask for a plethora of information from the user which is pre-populated from the information that Facebook already has on you. Businesses also have the ability to ask customized questions that are tailored to a specific campaign or to the business itself.

When a mobile user clicks on the CTA of a lead capture ad, they are brought to a screen which has pre-populated fields. The user can then edit each individual field, or submit as is. The user never leaves the Facebook platform and goes off-site, making it an extremely streamlined and efficient way to collect lead information.


Facebook Released Lead Capture Ads


The new lead ads have already been performing well for businesses that are using them. Kim Kyaw, a social media specialist at Land Rover, said "In early A/B Testing, Facebook's native lead ads outperformed link ads driving traffic to the website to fill out a lead form in terms of total leads and conversion rate, while driving a 4x reduction in cost per lead compared to previous social lead generation tactics."

Creating a Lead Generation Ad

Lead generation ads can only be created through the Power Editor interface of Facebook Ads. With Power editor open, click "Create Campaign." Enter the campaign name and under the Objective dropdown, select "Lead Generation"


Creating a Facebook Lead Gen Ad - Step 1


After the campaign is created, you have to create an ad set, and ads within the ad set. To create the ad set, click on the newly created campaign name to be taken to the ad set level. Once on the ad set, click "Create Ad Set", enter the ad set name, and click "create"


Creating a Facebook Lead Gen Ad - Step 2


When the ad set is created, it will prompt you to enter other details about the ad like what page the ad should be connected to, the budget, the scheduled start and end dates and all of the relevant targeting information. Fill out all the appropriate information. It should be noted that when you enter the page that the ad corresponds to, the Facebook Lead Ads Terms of Service will pop up and ask you to agree to it. You cannot proceed with creating a lead ad unless you agree to this.  Also, the only platform these Lead Generation Ads can be served on is through mobile. They can't be served to desktops or through the Facebook Ad Network.


Creating a Facebook Lead Gen Ad - Step 3


After all the information is filled out, click on the Ad set name within the Power Editor interface to be taken to the Ad level. Click Create ad, enter a name for the individual ad, and click create. Under the "Creative" section, enter the text, headline, News Feed link description and image, then select what you want your CTA to be for the ad.


Creating a Facebook Lead Gen Ad - Step 4


After all the required information is filled out, you can create your Lead Form by clicking on "Create New Form." Name your form and select the language your form is in and click next.


Create a new Facebook Lead Ad
Creating a Facebook Lead Gen Ad - Step 5


On the subsequent page, you will select what information you want your users to fill out and click next. You can select from a variety of pre-defined variables and add up to 3 additional question variables that the user will fill out when completing the form.



After clicking next, you will be prompted to enter your businesses privacy policy and any optional disclaimers.



On the final page, you can enter a the website URL that you want your users to be taken to after submitting their information to you. Choose a page on your site that will supply more information about the subject of your Facebook advertisement.

Once all the information is filled out and you are satisfied with you campaign, click the "Upload Changes" button at the top of the screen to push your campaign live. Facebook will review the advertisement to make sure it complies with their ad guidelines. If your ad is approved, it will go live immediately!

This is a huge advancement to other ad types Facebook provided, and should make it easier for businesses to collect leads through Facebook. There are future plans for added features within the lead ads such as desktop placement, lead ads with video and lead ads with carousel, so stay tuned for those amazing features and more!

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Written by Andrew Wasyluk. Andrew is a social media specialist at Page 1 Solutions.