New Aesthetically Pleasing Responsive Site For Colorado Med Spa

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August 5, 2015

Facial Aesthetics, Inc.’s  new website uses deep, dark tones to showcase the practice. The content area has a textured beige that stands out against the black background and provides a feeling of a serene spa environment.


Below the textured content area are two parallax images that display patient reviews over them. This modern website design technique adds the value of imagery in a more unique way making users intrigued in such an innovative look.


In between the two parallax images, Pamela Hill is showcased in a horizontal section, introducing prospective clients to Facial Aesthetics’ highly experienced founder and skin care specialist.


Meet the Facial Aesthetics Team

Pamela Hill is a registered nurse and has been practicing for over 20 years. As the founder of Facial Aesthetics, Inc., Ms. Hill has driven the medical spa to grow and develop through being actively involved in the evolution of medical spas. She is highly involved in the care of her patients and education of her staff.


Both the Rose Medical Center and Landmark Medical Plaza house well educated and trained staff to care for their patients and ensure that the results of whatever treatment given are to the highest standard. Facial Aesthetics also has two surgeons that work with the whole team to achieve beyond customer’s expectations.


To find out more information about Facial Aesthetics, Inc. and their team visit


~Jamie Stein, Web Design Intern