Movember: Not a Typo

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By Alicia Frost, Social Media Specialist

Update: The Movember event went very well! The support and generosity from all who attended exceeded Paul & Laura's expectations. The money raised from Movember night will go directly towards The Movember Foundation's effort to find promising treatments. Let's keep Movember going strong!

It is officially November! While many of us immediately start daydreaming about delicious feasts and delectable pie, there is another symbol for the month of November that warms our hearts: MOUSTACHES!

The Movember Foundation is the only charity tackling men’s health year-round on a global scale. The foundation’s objective is to address some of the biggest health issues faced by men: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health and suicide prevention.  

Craving a Cause

As marketers, we have long championed cause marketing programs as an impactful way for people to get involved; imagine how much more effective our efforts can be by evolving them from “nice-to-dos” to “must-dos.” Businesses should strive to create long-term, purpose-driven plans that allow us to do well while doing good.

This month, Page 1 is extremely passionate about supporting the efforts of Laura Duncan, our Site Architecture & Analysis Specialist, to raise money for Movember. Laura’s husband, Paul, recently lost a brother to cancer.

Laura and Paul were kind enough to tell us the story:

“Cuyler Duncan was a family man. The oldest of five children, dad of two young girls, husband, and son to a wonderful and tight-knit family, Cuyler set an example of being a hard-working, fun-loving, adventurous and warm person. He was an avid sports fan, rooting for the UT Longhorns no matter the odds. He loved to golf, loved to ski, and loved to tell jokes. He had tons of friends, and combined with his large family, Cuyler was a character in a lot of people's lives.

During the summer of 2016, Cuyler started experiencing abdominal pains. He had just moved from Atlanta to Portland with his wife and daughters and started a new job, and assumed the pain was a product of stress. When he went to a doctor about the symptoms and to have some tests run, the diagnosis came back as stage four cancer - a rare, rapidly progressing cancer called neuroendocrine carcinoma. Seemingly overnight, Cuyler went from a new lease on life to a terminal cancer diagnosis.

Everyone was obviously in shock; there was no medical history, no other chronic health issues, no reason we could find that this was happening to Cuyler. With hardly any time to process the news, Cuyler and his family immediately relocated from Portland to Austin, where most of the Duncan family lives, and started researching treatment options, doctors and cancer facilities, support programs for the family and the young daughters, and outreach channels to raise awareness.

Our whole family, and particularly his wife Stephanie, rallied around Cuyler to do everything we could to fight back. Cuyler's huge network of friends and family went into action, sending messages of support and motivation, raising money, getting messages and videos sent to Cuyler from his favorite athletes and celebrities, and creating ways to continue Cuyler's legacy. Through the treatments he was able to receive and the constant encouragement to keep fighting, Cuyler extended his initial one-month prognosis to eight months. And he made the most of that time.

Even as he endured painful chemotherapy treatments, he made sure his family was taken care of - buying a new house, writing his daughters letters for their future milestones, making sure all affairs were in order, and spending time with as many people as he could, especially his family. He came to Colorado to go skiing. He got his family a new puppy, Powell, and trained her to be a great family dog. He got to celebrate his 37th birthday and spend Christmas with our family - something that we never thought would happen when he was diagnosed that past summer. It was a miracle that Cuyler was still with us, and we cherished every moment with him.

A couple of months later, Cuyler was having severe headaches and pain. Tests showed that the cancer was back, and had spread to his brain and spine. He fought as hard as he could again, and we rallied as much as we could. Cancer won. Cuyler passed away in March of this year, after a heroic eight-month battle with cancer.

We learned a lot more about gratitude and were reminded what is truly important in life. When Cuyler got his diagnosis, my husband Paul and I, both Page 1 Solutions employees at the time, knew what we were going to do. We were going to Austin to be with our family. When we approached our managers about the news and our plan, we received nothing but support and sympathy, and were able to work remotely while we endured this difficult experience together with the family. When someone is going through the heaviness of a situation like this, there is little to no room for additional stress or decision-making. We are forever grateful and indebted to Page 1 Solutions for their flexibility with such a delicate and emotional experience. If Page 1 hadn't allowed us this flexibility, we probably wouldn't still be living in Colorado. That's how powerful that decision was for us.

While we are heartbroken and will always feel this loss, our experience taught us a lot. We are empowered to do something about what we went through, rather than just be sad and reminiscent. That is why we embraced the Movember Foundation and are promoting awareness about men's health and raising money to fund cancer treatment research.”

-Paul & Laura Duncan

What really hits home is cancer’s ability to show up one day and quickly take everything you love. The Movember Foundation is working towards reducing cancer fatalities and giving people one of the most precious gifts of all: time.

Humble Beginnings

One of the best parts of marketing for a cause is that nearly anyone can do it! Many people are under the wrong impression in thinking that substantial financial donations are the only/most beneficial way to give back or to support a cause. One of these misconceptions is that many awareness objectives turn into social media-focused outcomes; this could not be further from the truth.

Take Movember (No Shave November), for instance. All it takes is one person pointing out someone’s moustache to start a conversation about the cause and what others can do to help - this initial motion of “conversation” is what that keeps movements like The Movember Foundation going strong. These grassroots, humble beginnings are what created such a huge awareness of No Shave November, which has resulted in both financial and moral success.

Feast on a Good Cause

Anyone can support a cause and make a difference outside of donating money. This can actually be a great opportunity for individuals to reach out to members or busineses in your community in hopes of teaming up and making moves!

Hosting an event is a great way to get people talking about a cause and increasing awareness. By teaming up with a local business such as a restaurant, bar, or brewery and designating a certain amount of proceeds to go towards a cause, you are not only raising money but you are creating a fun and approachable atmosphere around a subject that many people find hard to talk about. It’s difficult to talk about tragic health circumstances like cancer, but you CAN do so in a light, fun, and exciting way - kind of like growing a moustache!

Collage of pictures from the Movember event at Chuey Fu's in DenverThe Movember Foundation is celebrating men’s strength and bravery and people’s willingness and want for a better understanding of how we can support these men and their lives. Recently, our team got in on the spirit of the occasion.

Let’s Have a Drink and Be Thankful!

Page 1 employees are excited to celebrate men’s health and The Movember Foundation THIS FRIDAY, November 3, at Chuey FU’s in Denver, Colorado, hosted by Paul and Laura Duncan. Anyone and everyone is encouraged to come enjoy some delicious food and drinks to celebrate First Friday Art Walk, The Movember Foundation, and all of the men we know and love!

A portion of the proceeds will be going to the Movember Foundation as we keep fighting to stop our sons, partners, brothers, fathers, and friends from dying too young.

You can donate to The Movember Foundation here.