Mobile-Mania Creates Opportunity – Don’t Overlook Desktop!

Internet Marketing for Attorneys, Surgeons, and Dentists

By Bill Fukui, Director of Sales & Marketing

We all recognize the mobile craze and the growing trends toward mobile search.  People now spend more hours of the day on a smartphone compared to desktop computer; in fact, studies show that more than 60% of searches are done using a smartphone.

Consequently, marketers and competitors concentrate almost exclusively on mobile display, design and layout. 

This is particularly true for targeted online search advertising (PPC) where you control where and when your listings appear.  However, there is data to support campaigns that target desktop users conducting search activities.  That’s right, I said desktop users.

Dayparting PPC Campaigns

As practices become more savvy and strategic with paid advertising, they also recognize there are better options than simply setting up a monthly Google Adwords budget and letting it just run 24/7.

More practices now implement ad scheduling and avoid running ads and paying for clicks to their website at times when 1) no one is at the office to take or follow up on incoming leads, and 2) when consumers know your office is closed.  

All of this makes sense for practice owners that place the majority their marketing ROI on converting search traffic into new customers. Thus, weekdays from 8am to 5pm, or whenever their offices are open, become the primary times for running paid search ads.

Search Engine Traffic During Your Office Hours

Although overall search engine statistics indicates that mobile devices have become the primary means for consumers to access search results, a closer look reveals some interesting, if not surprising data.

Google data shows that search engine traffic during early morning hours (before 8am) is more frequently done using a smartphone as opposed to desktop. However, during traditional working hours from 8am to around 4pm, more search engine activity is still conducted using a desktop than a smartphone. 

As consumers leave work and throughout the evening, search activity becomes increasingly dominated by mobile devices.

Developing A Customized Campaign

Recognize that many markets have the majority of its consumers searching during your highest conversion times using a desktop computer.  In most cases, practices want to take advantage of the bigger screens, more creative space, along with the broader navigation capabilities that desktop provides.  If that applies to you, this is your opportunity.

Take extra time to develop or update your paid ads and target landing destinations with this in mind. Your desktop view may be playing a bigger role in your paid advertising conversions than you may think. 

Of course responsive platforms deliver custom views for whatever device your visitors may be using. I simply want to make you aware that if you want to improve your campaigns and conversions, don’t simply fixate on the mobile view.

I typically direct clients to take a “mobile-first” perspective when it comes to your website, how you frame your ads, view your target destination pages, and even send follow up email responses to website leads. 

This article is not intended to dismiss the importance of taking a mobile-first approach to your online marketing as a whole. Over the course of time, I believe that even working hour searches will eventually be dominated by mobile devices.

However, for the time being, you need to do additional research in how visitors accessing your ads and information to get the most out of your marketing investment.  Desktop is still not dead, and can give your practice a competitive advantage.