Marketing for 2020: Go Big or Go Home

For Lawyers, Doctors, and Dentists

The top services and campaigns you need to know about to grow in 2020

It’s almost 2020, and it’s been a big year for marketing. Multiple Google algorithm changes have kept us on our toes to ensure the highest level of performance and success for our clients, social media platforms like Instagram have completely changed since the beginning of the year and there is so much new opportunity for businesses to reach new customers.

In times like these, it’s important to stay ahead of the marketing curve when it comes to marketing campaigns and ways to intrigue your target audience. Take a look at some new strategies that marketing professionals and business owners should be learning about, and we’ll revisit some classic strategies that haven’t lost their touch when it comes to growing your business in 2020.

OTT: “Over The Top” Video Streaming Ads

Some people have retained their cable packages (why?!), but most of us now have streaming services through devices like Apple TV, Amazon Firestick, Roku, Google Chromecast and so many more. OTT, or “Over The Top”, delivers your ads to the individuals who meet your demographic criteria.

Unlike ads on YouTube, users won’t be able to skip your ad to get back to their show or movie. You can narrow down your audience by zip code, age, gender, income, interests, as well as intent. Unlike other ads on streaming services such as YouTube and Hulu, OTT offers advertising and lead generation at a reasonable price – as of right now.

OTT and Connected TV devices

I know what you’re thinking – “but what if they don’t watch my ad and are focused on their phone during that time?” That’s why I always suggest running multiple ads within one marketing campaign. Having online display ads using the same demographic will deliver your ads on their mobile devices and follow the user for the following 30 days. Depending on your industry, it usually takes up to 10 touches in order to convert – this is where brand awareness plays a huge part in marketing.

Loyalty Programs

Whether it be a point system or a package purchase, we all LOVE a good deal. A big problem that medspa practices run into is patient retention. Again, people love a good deal – so price shopping is something to expect. What if you gave your patients a reward for coming back and spending money with you vs. your competitors? Maybe a discount on units of BOTOX or fillers for the patient that comes in every 4 months?

You want to work smarter – not harder. Implementing a rewards or loyalty program will incentivize your patients, and patients to come, to stay loyal to you and your business. If not, you’ll continue to see new and loyal customers possibly leave due to pricing or convenience.

Royalty Program membership cards at Renaissance Plastic Surgery


Reviews have been a factor in how Google ranks your business for years now. The more reviews, the more insight we have into the services you offer and how happy, or not happy, your patients are. If you were looking for a plastic surgeon or a lawyer, would you just call the first person who pops up on your Google search? No, you would not. You would check out their website, the reviews from the people who have worked with them in the past, their social media accounts, news articles about the business and more.

illustration of a map with 5-star reviewsIf I have narrowed down my choice to two businesses – one with no reviews and one with 80 reviews on Google with a 4.8 star rating – who would I choose? I would choose the second business, with proof of a large amount of happy clients where I can pull information on the business and business owner.

Some business owners find it difficult to gain new reviews. For law firms, it can be an awkward moment when you’re leaving the courthouse and before you say goodbye to your client, you ask for a nice review on Google. Let’s not do that. We have found that sending a message via text and email is the best way to gain new reviews – and quick. You can preemptively tell your client or patient that you’ll be requesting a review in the near future if that’s alright with them. If you’ve provided great service, they will usually be more than happy to help.

LinkedIn Referral Marketing

Personal injury attorney and other attorney-related keywords are amongst the most expensive and competitive for paid ads. We’ve all run them, and probably still are, but my theme for 2020 is work smarter, not harder.

LinkedIn is a powerful platform for building referral relationshipsWith LinkedIn breaking into paid ads in the past few years and redesigning the interface, it’s become a huge platform that not many marketers or business owners take advantage of. Page 1 Solutions came up with the solution – a LinkedIn referral marketing campaign for lawyers, plastic surgeons and more.

We optimize your profiles – both business and personal. We develop a list of thousands of contacts that meet the criteria of our demographic goal, then we start reaching out to those contacts. Through a human connection, so much business can be made. We have gained cases from firms that are at their limit of work, firms that prefer not to handle certain cases but like to collect a referral fee and more. Are you a new attorney needing to establish yourself? We’ve been able to help attorneys launch their firm and expand it with the case load amount from LinkedIn alone.

Event Planning

Body by Ravi - grand opening invitationAn oldie but a goodie. Events give the opportunity for you to interact with new people who may be interested in your services. Whether it be a trade show or your own custom pop-up event, events can be hugely successful. Keep in mind – does everyone want to go to your 2 hour event with medical providers that represent BOTOX and Juvederm? No, they really don’t. They want a reason to go. Are you having in-person savings and giveaways for your most popular treatments? Drinks and food with raffles? Live demonstrations? SIGN.ME.UP.

Your event needs to come alive. Make it fun and worth the time of someone attending. This is your bread and butter, but your patients work 40+ hours a week trying to balance the difficulties of work, life and self-care. Give your patients and new people an event they can’t refuse to attend.

2020: A Glance into the Future

2020 should bring us more Google changes and an expansion into more streaming advertising opportunities. My advice? Figure out what it is that makes you the best of the best, make it fun and worthwhile and run with it at full speed.

Get into streaming now before it becomes overcrowded and more expensive than billboards. Use your current patient database and use it wisely – give them all reasons and incentives to stay with you. Throw an event or five and make them fun for your patients and lucrative for you. Know that your website will be even more important in 2020, so create a plan to have it be as user-friendly and informative as possible. Most importantly – be yourself and be confident in the work that you do – and incorporate ways to deliver that to your ideal audience.