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May 5, 2011

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Link-building for an attorney, dentist, or plastic surgeon website has always been an important part of SEO and securing top search engine listings. 

Today, effective link-building continues to be important, but focuses more on attracting the right type of links from credible, relevant websites.  Simply getting lots of links to your website is no longer the objective.  Getting high quality links is more important.

What Makes For High Quality Link-building?

Websites that link to your website and target pages are seen as votes of confidence in your website and content.  This is particularly true when the links are coming from websites and pages that are relevant to the information on the target page.  Relevant link-building can come from industry-specific blogs, authority industry websites, local business directories, substantive niche websites and other industry provider websites.

What Is Low-Quality Link-building And Why Can It Hurt?

Low quality attorney, dentist and plastic surgery link-building generally applies to links from irrelevant, non-substantive websites. 

For instance, links from networks of irrelevant websites or identified “link farms,” don’t help, and can even hurt your website’s credibility and listings.  This also applies to link-building services that use websites with “thin,” spammy content (example: one-page websites with lots of links to multiple websites).

Growing Social Media Impact on Link-building

As search engines are able to better identify individuals and businesses through social media profiles, their credibility and links can also have a positive impact on your listings.  This is even more important with people and business that are “local” to you and your practice website.

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