Leveraging Longform Content for Better User Engagment, Search Results

For Lawyers, Doctors, and Dentists

Page 1 Solutions -
September 12, 2016

"What is good content?" That's a question that has tormented Internet marketers since Google started cracking down on keyword spamming and rewarding substantial, informative Web pages with better positioning in search results. Google takes hundreds of factors into account when assigning a page's rank for particular search queries, but one thing is becoming clear: Google is starting to favor longform pages.

Longform pages comprise more than just a higher word count – they act as comprehensive resources addressing a plethora of issues and questions associated with a particular topic. In our latest case study, Page 1 Solutions looked at the effect conversion of a regular Web page (confined to a single subject, usually around ~ 500 words) to longform (addresses a subject from all angles, tends toward 1,500 words or more) has had on key user engagement metrics for each of our verticals.

As you can see, longform pages in each industry saw the following improvements in engagement:

  • Increased number of sessions (a period of active engagement with a Web page)
  • Boosted new sessions (percentage of first-time visitors to the page)
    • The plastic surgery longform page retained its new sessions from quarter to quarter
  • A rise in new users (first-time users within a given time frame)

These results demonstrate the benefits of engaging users when they access your site and meeting their needs with comprehensive content. The prior strategy of writing a series of disparate pages on various aspects of a medical procedure or legal practice area and then scattering links like breadcrumbs for visitors to find is less effective than creating a single longform page acting as a hub for the topic as a whole.

However, the broader implications of the case study only become apparent when looking at the top search results for our clients' most sought after keywords. For many queries, we've seen Google start to favor pages with higher word counts that address a particular need or question in full. Shorter, less substantial pages, meanwhile, are starting to lose ground in search.

At Page 1 Solutions, we strive to provide our clients with the latest insights on Web marketing and actionable recommendations for driving online traffic and leads. To learn more about how longform pages can benefit your practice website, please contact Page 1 Solutions online or call (303) 233-3886 today.

By Melody Klein, Visual Content Specialist, Page 1 Solutions