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May 6, 2011

Law Firm Website SEO

Legal SEO has best practices, which we follow to increase your ROI. There is a fair amount of misinformation available on the subject of how attorney SEO should be done. Here, we present some of the facts about SEO for personal injury attorneys so you can sort it out from the fiction:

Fact: Legal SEO does not mean stuffing a keyword into the content as often as possible.

Yes, the keyword you are optimizing for, such as "personal injury attorney," should be used multiple times in the content of a page if the target search phrase for that page is "personal injury attorney". Part of how Page 1 optimizes legal websites involves writing keyword-rich content and meta tags, but search engines like Google penalize websites for the practice called "keyword stuffing," which is the overuse of the keyword.

Fact: Compelling, original content is good for your legal SEO.

Legal SEO helps the search engines rank your pages high; however, search engines also want to see compelling, original content that engages your website visitors. Content that serves your audience should be part of your law firm's overall SEO strategy.

Fact: Low-value links to your website from poor sources can hurt your SEO results.

Some firms specializing in SEO for personal injury attorneys adopt improper link-building strategies. Linking between your website and a low-quality "link farm" website is a bad legal SEO tactic, and it can hurt your ranking in the search engines and even get your website removed. There is a good way and a bad way to do link building.

Fact: Submitting a website to the search engines repeatedly does not help SEO for personal injury attorneys or anyone else.

Frequent resubmission of your website pages to the search engines does not enhance your legal SEO strategy. In fact, making a resubmission when you have not updated anything is likely to be recognized as spamming, a practice for which most search engines remove your website.

Fact: Paid listings are not the only way to get your website pages into first-page search engine results.

In a Pay-Per-Click campaign, your website pages can appear in the sponsored listings at the top of the search engine results; however, PPC is not the only way to increase your internet marketing ROI. Using effective legal SEO strategies, we can get your website pages into the unsponsored first-page listings. Oftentimes, it is wise to include both PPC and organic SEO in your strategy.

As a practicing personal injury attorney, your time resources may not be best spent executing and monitoring the technicalities of SEO for your website. At Page 1 Solutions, we can work with you to handle all aspects of your legal SEO strategy and your internet marketing, helping you convert more leads from your website traffic.

Contact Page 1 Solutions now to find out how we can develop a legal SEO strategy that will increase your practice's ROI.