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In today’s world, most people turn to the Internet first when conducting research. As a result, it is important for the information found online to be unique and original. After all, if you visited five or ten LASIK websites and they all contained the exact same information, you would quickly become frustrated. These sites would not be very useful to you.

The Dangers of Using Duplicate Content

Search engines such as Google and Yahoo! understand the need for website content to be useful to consumers. In order to help provide a better service to people looking for information, the search engines have developed a series of complex algorithms which reward websites containing original content and devalue sites with duplicate content. This can cause your search engine rankings to plummet if your website contains duplicate content.

While this is the most obvious disadvantage to using duplicate content, your website’s performance will also suffer in other ways. By definition, duplicate content is generic. If you find it on multiple websites, the information cannot speak to what makes your practice unique or special. This will ultimately make it harder for potential LASIK patients to determine what sets you apart from your competition, an issue that can impact your ability to generate leads.

Creating Custom Content for Your LASIK Website

At Page 1, we understand the importance of original content to the success of your Internet marketing campaign. Our LASIK copywriters invest a significant amount of time and resources in developing unique, custom content that will help you achieve high search engine rankings and generate leads.

Your new LASIK website will contain up to 50 pages of original content that clearly highlights the strengths of your practice so that you can easily distinguish yourself from your competitors. We will continue to write additional content for you as needed to ensure you maintain the dominant presence on the search engines necessary to keep your practice thriving. It is this commitment to crafting original custom content that helps our LASIK copywriters give you the edge you need.

Does your existing LASIK website contain duplicate content? We can help you find out quickly. Our Internet marketing consultants will create a plan to remove duplicate content from your website and replace it with original content that will help you dominate the Internet and grow your practice.

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