Knocking Out the Work Week with Tyson: #DoggyFriday at Page 1 Solutions

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Page 1 Solutions -
July 30, 2015

Energetic, affectionate, and hungry for treats! Kicking off our third #DoggyFriday here at Page 1 Solutions was our guest of honor, Tyson! 

On a bright and beautiful Friday morning as I pulled up to the office, my eye was caught by a playful pup bounding up and down at our door. I couldn’t help but get excited for the last day of the work week and the weekend ahead! Stepping into the office I was instantly greeted by a joyful creature who was introduced as Tyson (named after the renowned boxer Mike Tyson), as he pawed at me and lapped at my hands with kisses.This friendly pup had the pleasure of both of his owners, Laura and Paul, showing him off for the day and making everyone’s work day much brighter.

Dogs really have a way of encouraging others to live in the present and enjoy whatever it is you are doing in that moment. As the work week comes to a close and Friday at 5 o’clock approaches ever so quickly, employees can feel pressure to finish up that last bit of work. In the drive to accomplish one more thing and check off another item on the ever-growing To-Do list, we sometimes forget to pull our noses away from the monitors. Having a dog in the office on Friday allows employees to step away and take a moment to re-energize, be active and create space in the mind and body, which allows for a more refreshed and productive approach to finishing work. 

#DoggyFriday also gives us an opportunity to collaborate with coworkers as they stop by to pet the guest of honor and inevitably talk about client needs. Like our pal Tyson, I think the happy, dog-slobbered employee is more likely to sit back down and “knock out” the task with ease! Even Tyson jumped in and provided his input on projects. 


Tyson helped me recharge during the day with a bit of fun and lots of doggy love, as well as re-focus and hit the mark on my Friday To-Do list. I appreciate that my company is willing to stimulate our work environment in a way that benefits both the employees and our clients. I felt gratitude for the weekend ahead and was already motivated to get back at it on Monday!

~Ashleigh Cox, Account Coordinator