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August 25, 2015

We are hosting our first monthly #page1mktchat on Monday, Oct 19th, at 10am MT! Whether you are a dentist, lawyer, ophthalmologist or plastic surgeon looking to enhance the success of your practice, or an online marketing enthusiast, you won't want to miss this! In each chat, we will collaboratively discuss a specific new topic related to online marketing. Over time, we will cover social media, SEO, content & video marketing, inbound marketing, lead generation, and beyond. We'd love for you to join us for our first edition of #page1mktchat!

What is a Twitter Chat?

A Twitter chat is a live, real-time conversation on Twitter, facilitated through a single unifying hashtag. They are typically done as a weekly, or monthly series, with each individual chat revolving around a specific topic and set of questions. Anyone can participate by simply adding the hashtag to their tweets.

How Do I Participate in a Twitter Chat?

Each week we will spark a conversation based on a specific online marketing topic and pre-determined set of questions. All you need is a Twitter handle! When you are logged into Twitter, enter  “#page1mktchat” into the search bar at the top of page, and then click “Live” (or click this link

That's the simplest way to get going. However, there are several free tools available that will make for an even better Twitter chat experience. We recommend TweetDeck. You can login to TweetDeck directly with your Twitter username and password, or it may log you in automatically if you are already signed into Twitter. TweetDeck is easy to use

  1. Begin adding columns to your TweetTeck interface. Each column will display a different feed, whether it be all of your notifications, all tweets from a certain user or around a certain hashtag, etc.
  2. The first two columns added should be your own notifications and @mentions. This will initialize your TweetDeck interface to reflect your primary Twitter feed, and allow you to see all the activity going on in your personal Twitter account. You will also see in real-time whenever someone mentions you or tweets at you.
  3. Next, add a column displaying all activity from the search term "#page1mktchat". This is the most important column for the purposes of a Twitter chat, since you will now see the entire Twitter chat conversation, displayed in a single feed. 
  4. Lastly, add a column that displays the Twitter chat host's Tweet feed. This way you can keep track of the questions being asked, and all of the important tweets from the chat moderators.

In the end, you will have the TweetDeck interface laid out in a way that provides a complete yet concise insight into the Twitter chat! You can click the small icons on the top of each column, next to the title, to continually refresh the feed as needed.

What to Expect

Many tweet chats operate as an open-forum Q&A session. The moderators of the chat pose a question such as “Q1: What’s the most effective way your practice has utilized video marketing? #page1mktchat”. A participant might then respond “A1: We did this one stellar tutorial video that went viral on YouTube! #page1mktchat”. Anyone can chime in during any part of the conversation. As long as you add the chat hashtag to your tweet, it will be visible to everyone tuning in! Each chat typically lasts an hour, and will feature 7-10 questions.

Why Should I Participate in a Tweet Chat?

Twitter chats offer the chance to meet and converse with like-minded individuals, industry professionals, friends and colleagues alike, in a fast-paced setting. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about new tips and tools in your industry, do some networking and have fun all the while. By participating in the chat with Page 1 Solutions, you will likely attain new insights which will help your business reach new heights!


In our upcoming chat, we will discuss The Ins And Outs Of Video Marketing, and how to capitalize on the video takeover on social media. According to Cisco, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic by 2017. Why is video becoming so popular? For one, it is an unrivaled medium for conveying complex information in an easily digestible, visual format. And let’s not forget the power of video in providing entertainment. Thanks to recent tech innovations, any business can feasibly create videos at very low cost. Your smartphone alone can likely capture high-quality video. Additionally, there are many great affordable services available to arrange compositions, add animations, annotations and more. Join us to learn more about how your business can implement and benefit from video marketing. We want to hear what you have to say- get all your thoughts, questions, and ideas ready to bring to the table! 

Save the date- Monday, October 19th at 10am MT.

Please check back for updates and tips to make the most of a Twitter chat! Post any questions or comments below, and we will respond promptly.