Is the QR Code Dead?

Internet Marketing for Attorneys, Surgeons, and Dentists

Written by Jake Johnson, Internet Marketing Consultant

What Is a QR Code?

QR stands for Quick Response codes. Once scanned by your mobile device (smartphone, tablet or computer), QR codes take your browser to the URL that is associated with the code itself.

History of the QR Code

Originally, QR codes were placed on marketing materials such as billboards, posters and other printed marketing collateral to help promote brands and products without requiring consumers to do the painstaking task of typing in a longer URL.

Due to their unpopularity within the marketing community, QR codes never took off like their creators would have hoped. The reason for these failures is that the QR codes were ahead of their time, since mobile platforms such as phones, tablets and computers didn’t have an ability to read the codes natively. Because of the need to download a third-party app in order to see what was associated with the code, the implementation of QR codes by marketers and users alike was a slow grind.

Is There Hope for QR Code Marketing?

As new technologies start to develop and we start to see users become more familiar with having a native option for QR code reading, such as the iOS 11 update from Apple, we may see QR codes begin to resurface. The introduction of more robust native technology signals that QR codes are at least on life support within the United States marketing circles.

However, when social media platform Snapchat introduced QR codes in 2014 as Snapcodes, there seemed to be a weak pulse on the EKG machine. Since the launch of Snapcodes, Snapchat has allowed companies to market themselves with the ability to send filters to their loyal fans, helping to promote their brands, products and businesses. Snapchat also allows for the app’s in-camera ability to open up QR codes that point to company websites.

Other social media giants have also utilized this feature. Facebook Messenger’s Messenger Codes help you find users for you to add to your contact book.

Although QR codes are not as popular as other forms of marketing, if giant companies like Snapchat and Facebook continue to utilize the codes, it’s no telling what the future of QR codes may hold.

Here at Page 1 Solutions, we are able to help lawyers and doctors formulate multiple strategies for the proper use of QR codes, such as getting them in front of your loyal clients so they can leave a review for your practice or increase your Snapchat following.

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