Is Social Media Really Worth It? Debunking The Myths

For Lawyers, Doctors, and Dentists

Social media platforms are a powerful tool that can really help you market your business, brand, product, etc. Some legal and medical practice owners may feel as though social media isn't worth the effort for various reasons. Here are a few common objections:

  • "Not everyone has social media. Isn't it primarily used by the millennial generation?"
  • "The various social media platforms are too different and complicated in their own ways."
  • "Social media won't get me any leads, just likes and followers."

But social media DOES serve a purpose when implemented in a marketing strategy. The effect of that use begins and ends with this very simple idea: You get out what you put in. At the very least, posting and being minimally active on social media platforms will keep you and your practice relevant when outsiders view your pages across various platforms. With the right tactics, you will increase your potential of getting more leads.

Myth #1: "Not everyone has social media. Isn't it primarily used by the millennial generation?"

Generation X (ages 35-49) tops every other generation for social media usage. A report from the New York Times in January 2017 found that Generation X spends more than 6 hours a week on their platforms, and the most-seen activity from this age group on the various platforms is sharing: sharing information while recommending products and services.

Although this fact may not have been expected, millennials should not be underestimated, especially when it comes to their social media presence and influence. The millennial generation is slowly outnumbering the baby boomers and is growing into its peak earning years.

Your practice should strive to attract millennials; they are a generation that relies heavily on word of mouth, referencing, and online presence. They understand more than maybe any other generation the importance of social media, and they will be quick to recommend across their accounts the businesses that leverage the social platforms they value so highly.

Myth #2: "The various social media platforms are too different and complicated in their own ways"

This one is a myth and it isn't. Yes, the various social media platforms are very different and may be hard to understand if you are not all that familiar with them. However, these differences can be used to your advantage and get you great results that, in turn, all work their ways to accomplish your overall goals.

Establishing profiles for your practice on multiple social media profiles doesn't have to be complicated, as long as you put in the time and effort to familiarize yourself with the various platforms and have a clear idea of what approach you will take with each platform. Here at Page 1 Solutions, we can help practice owners take the ideal approach to their social media presence while implementing best practices that have proven relevance and validity for our current clients across their social media platforms. Here are a few examples for several of the most popular social networks:

  • Facebook: Post and share relevant industry-related content, post photos of events, highlight client testimonials, and be informative about what you do and how you can help anyone who visits your page.
  • Instagram: Highlight everything interesting about what you do and who you are with engaging photos. People love looking at pictures and seeing a personality that they can relate with when it comes to a business. Be yourself and have fun with it. You can post a fun picture for just about anything.
  • Twitter: Twitter moves at a fast speed; before you know it, your tweet can get lost amongst thousands of others. Utilize this feature by re-tweeting relevant information about your business, industry, local news, events, etc. As you build your Twitter presence, your tweets will continue to have a bigger reach.

There are things you can do across all three of these platforms and more! Run monthly contests, promote events, community outreach; all of these tactics can promote social media engagement, website traffic, and relevant/prominent search engine results if you take these approaches seriously and utilize these social media platforms in an effort to gain and maintain relationships within your audience.  

Myth #3: "Social media won't get me any leads, just likes and followers"

Likes and followers may not equate to a definite sale, but they do communicate credibility, which you cannot get leads without. If you come across a business' Facebook page where you see people liking the content, commenting on relevant posts, and sharing their information, you can assume this business has a high following.

For social media users who see an active following, trust and interest immediately starts to form – this is step 1 in lead generation.

In addition to a positive online presence, social media advertising can bring people from your social profiles to your website in a matter of seconds and open the door for these users to schedule an appointment or consultation.

A positive social media presence is worth a lot more than you might believe. In order to drive traffic to your website and leads to your practice, you need to spark an interest. Social media usage and optimization is a great way to make this happen. Any business has a brand. That brand's presence and personality has everything to do with lead generation.

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