Is Do-It-Yourself Marketing the Right Choice for Your Practice?

For Lawyers, Doctors, and Dentists

As a medical professional, you might spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on the latest, top-of-the-line equipment for your practice but hesitate at the cost of hiring a digital marketing firm. After all, you might think, it doesn’t take much effort to post on social media or write a blog or two for your website.

Unfortunately, this kind of DIY marketing is often not feasible in the long run. Doctors, surgeons, and other professionals are often much too busy to have time to write blog posts every month, post on social media every day, or learn the technical side of SEO. While most of you are highly creative, marketing isn’t your chosen specialty – patient care is where you shine. While there are some things you can definitely do on your own, you most likely won’t get the kind of ROI that a marketing agency will through a multi-channel strategy for engaging prospective patients and promoting your practice.

How Much Time Does Digital Marketing Really Take?

The world of digital marketing is incredibly broad, and most marketing agencies have people in specialized roles working on just one aspect. For instance, they may have a social media team, an SEO team, a video production team, a writing team, a web development team, and more. With these teams working together, turnaround time can be much faster than a single person trying to do it all. Not to mention with all of that brain power focused on your marketing, the creative process is at its highest level.

One blog doesn’t take much time. One social media post doesn’t take much time. However, in order to make a difference and see an actual increase in online leads to your practice, you need to do much more than that. A digital agency might be able to help you by doing the following:

  • Taking the time to research what your prospective patients are searching and optimize your website accordingly so that you show up at the top of search results
  • Creating and scheduling social media posts for the next month, maintaining a clear brand voice and aligning posts with an overarching strategy
  • Creating visual pieces like infographics or quizzes to supplement your blog posts and website articles in order to make them more engaging
  • Performing full content audits to pinpoint what’s working and what’s not, and revamping your website content accordingly
  • Keeping your website updated with the latest specials, news, and information
  • Running PPC campaigns and Facebook ads

These are only a small sample of what a dedicated digital agency can do. It takes time and it takes effort to run an effective digital marketing campaign. A blog post here and there or a social media selfie when you remember simply won’t cut it today. This is not to say that you shouldn’t write a blog or post on social media – but do you have the time to do it properly?

Is Online Marketing Even Worth It?

This is a tricky question, and it depends on your goals. If you are perfectly content with the patients you get from word of mouth or non-digital means alone, then you may not want to expand into online marketing. However, if you are looking to actively grow your practice, add an associate, add a new service, or introduce a loyalty program, you would be significantly reducing your marketing options and more importantly your professional visibility.

As more and more people are glued to their phones and laptops all day long, medical practices need to keep up with the times. More people are reading online reviews, watching YouTube videos, researching procedures, and booking appointments online rather than over the phone. Through a savvy digital marketing strategy, you can capture a significant amount of new leads that would never have come your way through traditional marketing means.

DIY Marketing Strategies You Can Effectively Do On Your Own

If you’re not ready to commit to a digital marketing agency, there are a few things you can do to help your practice’s online presence. Here are some DIY strategies to start out with:

  • Create a blog. Try to keep a regular blogging schedule with at least two new posts per month. Make sure your topics are interesting and relevant to your practice, and proofread!
  • Post regularly on social media, at least once per day. Respond to any comments you get, and set up an auto-responder for Facebook Messenger if you can’t respond to messages right away. You don’t have to be a master photographer, although it helps if your photos are good!
  • Keep your website professional looking and up to date. Prospective patients looking at your website will be frustrated and turned off if they can’t find what they’re looking for or if they inquire about a service or special you no longer offer that is still up on the website.

These strategies will help you enter the field of online marketing, and may even net you some leads. If you discover that you love posting on social media and end up getting a ton of leads from it, congratulations! You are a DIY marketing success story. However, if you find that you just don’t have the time to keep it going and don’t see a lot of leads, it may be time to look into a professional agency to help.

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