In Memoriam of a Friend and Colleague

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When someone passes away, no matter what the circumstances, it takes you to a place of reflection and remembrance. When that person passes at a young age or unexpectedly, it goes beyond that into all of the things that they will miss out on in their future.

Andrew Wasyluk was a truly gifted individual who left us way too early. He was very passionate about social media, but his technical knowledge went well beyond running a great social campaign for a client. He knew how to code, design, and threw himself into everything he did 150%. That scope of knowledge and passion made him a wonderful marketer and social media specialist. He was able to see the big picture, understand the technicalities behind how everything worked, and combined that with a creativeness that showed his artistic side.

His passing came as a shock to his whole Page 1 family, and we can only express great sadness and acknowledge what a hole he left in this world. The fact that he passed a week prior to his marriage makes this all the more poignant. A good time to remember to treasure those around you and live your life to the fullest, as you never know which day may be your last.

"I worked with Andrew for the better part of 2 years. We had the exact same first day, as a matter of fact. In that time I learned so much from him about social media and Internet technologies. His depth and breadth of knowledge often amazed myself and others at Page 1, and it always kept me hungry to learn more and try to keep up. I owe him a great deal for many of the insights and skills I've acquired in this industry. Rest in peace, Andrew."

- Daniel B.

"When I think of Andrew, I think of love. That's primarily because he spent a lot of time talking about the love of his life and fiance, Lauren — but also because he was simply a lover of life. Andrew took risks; he wasn't afraid, to be honest, or to fail, or to feel uncomfortable. He wasn't afraid to have fun or to try new things. And he was always quick to embrace whatever came his way with open arms. To me, that's the best kind of legacy you can leave behind. We will always remember Andrew as someone who wasn't afraid to love life and the people in his life openly and deeply."

- Alexa D.