In Detail: A Marketing Funnel-Based Campaign

Internet Marketing for Attorneys, Surgeons, and Dentists

graphic showing stages of the marketing funnelThe concept of the Buyer's Journey or Purchase Funnel is something that has guided marketing efforts for quite some time. If you’re not sure what the Buyer’s Journey is, then take a look at a previous blog post that explains the different parts of the journey and what strategies are applicable to each stage of the concept.

In this post I’m going to lay out some funnel-based campaigns for each of our syndications at Page 1 Solutions: Legal, Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Dentists. However, these strategies can be applied to any business with some tweaking.

The one prerequisite for these campaigns to perform at their best is to have a good amount of assets that you can use for the various stages. For example: videos, blog posts, social media presence, landing pages, etc. all work together to enhance different phases of the buyer’s journey.


Goal: Get cases for RoundUp Weedkiller

Awareness Phase

This is the top end of the funnel where you want to capture people. Ideally, you’ll be casting a large net targeted to people who may be affected by this type of case. In this specific example you’d likely want to target landscapers, gardeners, home improvement hobbyists, etc.

Usually the most effective way to do this is via an email campaign. Page 1 Solutions offers emails campaigns that can be specifically targeted to certain areas and certain people like the ones I listed above.

The email itself should contain information about why this is a legal case and what the case criteria are so people can qualify themselves before reaching out. You don’t want to waste your staff’s time answering calls that aren’t going to meet the case criteria.

Since the email shouldn’t be super long, you should create a landing page around the new practice area that goes deeper into the case and topic. This strategy enables you to direct people from the email to your landing page so they can learn more.

Consideration Phase

Once the users who received the email in the awareness stage click through to the landing page to learn more, they’re now in the consideration phase. They’ve shown interest in the information you provided them and they’ve clicked through to your landing page. This landing page should have a Facebook pixel installed so you can track the visitors coming from the email to this landing page; we’re going to use that information in the final phase of the buyer’s journey.

The landing page should contain more detailed information regarding the case, potential settlement amounts, additional case criteria information, etc. I also recommend that the page has a video, whether it’s about your firm and your success or about the specific case type in question.

Decision Phase

This is the final stage of the buyer's journey where the potential client either contacts your law firm or drops off. Users can convert into clients in any of the previous phases, but this is the final step for anyone who hasn’t yet.

With the information gathered by the Facebook pixel on the landing that you directed recipients of the email to, we’ll create a lead generation Facebook campaign to capture all the remaining qualified users.

A lead generation campaign is meant to capture leads right within Facebook versus having them click through to any other location. The form pops up right within Facebook for people to fill out, which minimizes the amount of clicks for the user – that’s always a good thing.

This campaign will show up in Facebook as an Ad, but we know specifically who we’re targeting: the users who received the email and then clicked through to learn more information about the RoundUp Weedkiller cases. This final phase should have a little more sense of urgency, which is why I would recommend shooting and embedding a video of the attorney who will be taking these cases. The video should emphasize that waiting can be detrimental to building a case and also showcase why the user should contact you, whether it’s your success on previous mass tort cases or your various awards and accolades as an amazing attorney.

Plastic Surgeons

Goal: Increase repeat patient visits

Awareness Phase

One thing you should always do is keep a running list of all the patients who have come into your office and had successful results and a happy experience. This list will become the database for a newsletter to re-engage the previous patients and encourage them to come back into the practice.

Ideally, this newsletter should provide any exciting updates to the practice, such as new procedures or new staff. It should also contain an exclusive special for previous patients, maybe something like a percentage off of a skin care product or procedure.

Send traffic from the newsletter to the specials page on your website or the specific page of the treatment you’re offering the special on. Be sure to have that Facebook pixel installed on that page as well.

Consideration Phase

With the data gathered by the Facebook pixel, retarget those previous patients who clicked through from the email. Since you know the action these individuals took, you can personalize the retargeting campaign even further with language like “Thanks for reading our newsletter!”. Offer more information on whichever procedure or special you want to push to further enhance the value. A great way to do this is via a video; it’s easier to digest this content format versus more text.

You can then track the amount of people who watch X% of the video. I recommend at least 50% so you know they have some intent to buy, but 75% is probably best.

Decision Phase

Using the video view data, do a final lead generation campaign where you’re targeting the users who watched at least 75% of the video in the previous phase. Give these users one more small incentive to fill out a form in Facebook. It could be something like being entered into a drawing for a $50 Starbucks gift card. Since they’re already getting the special that you’re promoting, the extra incentive in this step doesn’t need to be over the top.

Cosmetic Dentists

Goal: Get more new patients through Facebook

Awareness Phase

In this first phase, let's get some new followers for your Facebook page by running a Likes campaign. This type of Facebook campaign attracts new followers to your page. These campaigns can usually be run for a low cost and can gain you up to 1,000 followers in a couple of months (depending on the market). Since these users are new to your page, it’s likely they weren’t aware of your business previously.

Consideration Phase

Once you have all of these new followers, start running an engagement campaign in the form of a contest. You can easily keep track of all the new followers you’ve gotten through the Likes campaign, then retarget these people with a contest to incentivise them to continue engaging with your page (as opposed to just liking it and forgetting about it).

Personalize the retargeting campaign by using language like “Thanks for following our page!” A fun and simple engagement campaign here could be to “Show us your smile!” in order to win an at-home teeth whitening kit. Our clients have run similar campaigns before, and they do get a lot of engagement and fun comments. Also, user-generated content (UGC) is gold when it comes to social media.

Set a date when you’ll announce the winner so people keep engaged and know when to come back. Then, use Facebook Live to announce the winner in real time. When you start a Facebook Live session, it automatically pops up for all of your Facebook followers, which again re-engages everyone.

Decision Phase

Keep track of everyone who engaged in the contest and do a final retargeting campaign offering them the same teeth whitening kit if they come in as a new patient for a check-up. All they have to say is a predetermined phrase when they call to book the appointment. That way you can keep track of the people from the campaign who called in.


You can really get creative with a funnel-based campaign. The best part about it is that it’s all trackable because you’re moving the same segment of people down the funnel. People will drop off throughout the journey, but the ones who do go through the whole process are well-qualified and have strong intent to become a customer.

If you have any questions or want to start a funnel-based campaign, please call your IMC or contact us at 800-368-9910 for a free digital marketing evaluation.