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There are two parts to converting new clients from your website. Getting them to your site is only half the battle. The other half is converting them once they contact you.

If you find that your online marketing leads are steady but your new client numbers aren’t increasing, it’s time to analyze your lead intake process and performance.

What Qualifies as a Lead? 

At Page 1 Solutions, we consider any new customer phone call, form fill (email) or chat conversation from the website as a lead. We track all three, and provide reporting for each.

Figure Your Cost Per Lead

With the reporting you get from Page 1, it’s easy to monetize your leads. We typically recommend taking a three-month average to figure this number, then keep updating it every few months.

Formula: Invoice price with Page 1/number of leads = cost per lead


  • Monthly Invoices: 
    • March: $2,000.00
    • April: $1,989.89
    • May: $2,005.96
  • Leads Totals:
    • March: 23
    • April: 32
    • May: 29
      =84 leads

$5,995.85/84=$71.38 per lead

Once your staff understands the value of each email, chat or phone call coming through, they may change their tone on the phone or respond to that email a little faster!

It’s important to track what is happening with the leads once they come through. What is the conversion rate of the leads once they get to you? Without that information, it can be tough to improve the process.

Listen to Your Calls

Page 1 Solutions offers call tracking for your website. When prospective clients visit your website, the phone number they see is a tracked call forwarding number. When the user calls this number, their information is tracked and their call is forwarded to your business number, to be answered by your front desk.

Included in tracking calls is the ability to record and listen to the calls. The recordings will be a valuable training resource that allows your practice to constantly refine and improve the team’s skills and close rate. Those recordings are gold for training your staff on how they handle calls.

Jump into the dashboard and listen to a handful of calls each month. This should be done by a staff member who is going to do something with the information and is well-respected and received by the staff.

What to listen for:

  • Inconsistencies in greeting
  • Tone/friendliness (do they sound interested?)
  • Ability to bond
  • Ability to control the call
  • Are they giving attention to calls that aren’t worth the time?
  • Are they asking for the close?

Many businesses are so busy that no one has the time to listen to calls. However, doing so is critical to your practice’s ability to improve your conversion ratios. Listening to the calls also helps build accountability, identifies and stops the leaks and – most importantly – results in improvement opportunities!

The most important person to get new business is the person answering the phone. They should have sales training, be able to consistently keep a great attitude and control calls. It’s a tough role, and one that is often overlooked when it comes to the success of the business. Routinely train, provide feedback and remember that a person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected!

Learn More about Intake Training.

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