How To Improve Your Reach On Facebook

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June 26, 2015

One of the biggest struggles facing small businesses today is combating the decrease in reach on Facebook. It seems that we have gone from 60-0 mph in a matter of months and very few people have the answer. Thus, as a social media specialist, I always seem to be the popular girl at parties because everyone wants know how to improve their performance on Facebook, seemingly overnight, and because of my job title, I'm supposed to have all the answers. Truthfully, it's becoming harder to stand out on Facebook but there are some quick and easy things you can do to help improve your businesses reach online.

First, be consistent with your branding and messaging. Changing up the style of your posts and your online personality may confuse your audience and you may lose some fans by posting a mix of random content. That is not to say you should only post pictures or links all the time. Definitely mix it up with different types of content but make sure it all conveys the same personality. You will maintain a more loyal following this way and it will be easier to distinguish which types of content your audience engages with so you can post more of the good stuff!

Next, make sure your website is constantly updated with fresh content. You can hook your blog feed up to Facebook or Twitter so that new posts automatically go live without you having to monitor them. Social Media is updated constantly and moves at such a fast pace that your fans will forget what you did last week and you need to give them new topics to engage with. Not only will that keep you top of mind, you'll avoid making your users scroll through weeks of content to find something they can relate to (nobody actually does that on Facebook!).

Finally, expand your audience reach by posting to other platforms! Each social media platform has it's own personality that your brand can fit into and a new audience to share content with. Consider posting to these platforms to expand your reach:

  • Instagram: Facebook owns Instagram so this is a match made in marketing heaven! Instagram's active user count has also grown 64% in the last 2 quarters, making it the most engaging social media platform. Try posting both images and photos here to increase your engagement rates.
  • Twitter: Get the real time conversation started here by trying a #twitterchat or responding to tweets directed at your business. Whenever you gain a new follower, your content gets put in front of more eyeballs, leading to the opportunity for more engagement.
  • YouTube: Video is taking off and natively posting a video from YouTube to Facebook increases engagement rates vs. posting a link to a video on your business page. Videos natively uploaded into Facebook will also auto-play, making it easier for users to opt-in to watch your content.

This Sounds Time Consuming!

You're absolutely right! In the beginning, it will be a lot of work but it's all worth it! By doing some experiments, you will very quickly learn what works and what doesn't work. Building organic reach takes a plan and some time but if you tailor your content to fit each platform, we guarantee you'll see more audience engagement across the board. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and create some great content!

~ By Kami York-Fiern, Social Media Specialist