How to Get the Most from Video Marketing

Internet Marketing for Attorneys, Surgeons, and Dentists

A successful multi-channel digital marketing strategy requires more than one form of content. However, in less than 5 years, you’re going to be hearing about one option over many others.
According to a whitepaper by Cisco, video consumption is expected to account for over 80% of all internet traffic by the year 2021. As a result, the time to develop a clear vision for your video marketing strategy is now.
If you work with a marketing agency, you’re in luck: More than 60% of digital marketers report that they produce online videos, with multiple platforms available for different kinds of video. Page 1 Solutions is proud to produce custom videos for our agency as well as our clients, so we share these 7 video marketing and branding tips from experience:

1. Remember: The Medium Is the Message – and So Are the Parameters

Any business can benefit from video marketing, including law firms and medical practices. However, video is not one-size-fits-all – literally.
Platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and others have different video dimensions. Video optimization requires businesses and marketers to upload videos so they fit the host platform.
An example: Instagram recently unveiled a new video feature with its IGTV. The fashion industry was among the first to capitalize on this new tool, with one industry expert telling the website The Business of Fashion:
“There's Instagram video. There's stories. There's live. Those are all video components, but they're all considered in very different ways. All those different pieces that make video enticing to the audience — use those tools. They're in your arsenal. Bake it into your video.”
At Page 1 Solutions, our clients are focused on generating new clients and patients. This quote about IGTV from a fashion industry insider is instructive for any business. Your message is your medium, and making sure your video fits in the landscape of the platform(s) you want to use is crucial for presenting your practice effectively.

2. Use an Engaging Style

As a rule, the best video content is conversational. Even for doctors and attorneys, the style should be professional, but not formal.
The most successful brands and marketers modify their video content to tap into expectations users have on the specific platform. Bigger Law Firm Magazine recently published a helpful article on video marketing for attorneys. One of the key pieces of advice is understanding what you are trying to accomplish with videos.
According to Bigger Law Firm, principal stakeholders can determine their goals by answering questions such as: “Is the video supposed to increase business for a particular practice area? Is it meant to build brand awareness for your firm in the community?” Answers to these questions will help you determine what type of videos you want to produce (ex. SEO video blogging), the specific metrics for determining success, as well as overall targets when it comes to visibility and lead generation.
And this tip doesn’t apply only to attorneys – far from it, in fact. Plastic surgeons, dentists, ophthalmologists, and other doctors can all benefit from shooting videos specifically to fit the styles of various popular platforms.
For example, Facebook Live is built on spontaneity and authenticity. If you’re a plastic surgeon who wants to engage your followers through video, the “behind-the-scenes” quality of Facebook Live is an effective option for humanizing the services you offer to prospective patients.
On the other hand, although the content on YouTube ranges from the ramshackle to the uber-polished, video marketing for dentists and other professional practices tends to benefit from a channel comprising genuine, professional videos. From patient testimonials to FAQ content, YouTube can serve as a robust professional branding tool, a prominent place to establish rapport, or both.

3. Brand Yourself

More than any other marketing channel, video is an opportunity to share your voice directly with prospective clients. You have an identity you want to communicate for your practice. You might already be working with a digital marketing agency to help you disseminate that message. Now, the key is capturing that identity on camera.
Maximize Social Business recommends identifying topics within your niche in which your ideal customers express an interest. Provide compelling, authoritative answers to common questions and issues on an ongoing basis, and you will set your videos – and your practice – apart from the competition.
Presentation is very important for successful video marketing. As you grow your library and viewers, watch for trends on the videos that perform the best. You might look at the following components:
  • Time and day of the week you published the video
  • Running time
  • Thumbnail image
If viewers tend to engage videos of a certain length, released at a certain time of day/week, with certain enticing visuals, you will be able to develop a roadmap for your ongoing video marketing strategy.

4. Do It Live

Video is breaking down the barrier between business and consumer. And, with the advent of live video, the onus is on marketers and practices to “give the people what they want,” in lie
u of gatekeeping information for the consumer.
From short, off-the-cuff clips to streaming, live video is a popular way for customers to interact with their favorite brands. Platforms like Facebook Live, IGTV, and YouTube Live provide users with a way to ask questions and make comments in real time.
What brands may lose in control with live video, they gain in approachability. Social media as a whole is dedicated to engagement, and nothing is more engaging for current and potential fans than directly addressing a question, without a script, live online.
When you see questions come through the chat window in a live video, keep your answers concise, compelling, and on-message. Recognize that your answer to the question will be evaluated not just by the original user, but by everyone accessing the video. So, guide your viewers to form a positive opinion of your brand with a thoughtful, informative response that takes advantage of the live video format.

5. Create Complementary Content

Content as a whole is king, and though video is rapidly gaining in popularity, text-based content is still widely-consumed and appreciated by many website visitors. No matter which kind of content is the most popular, it’s important never to put all of your eggs in one basket.
Instead, build a better basket with diverse content investments. Videos might be some of your most engaging content, but well-written supporting text on a practice area page or blog post can add context and make visitors stay on your website longer. Similarly, a social media page that publishes video only looks incomplete; don’t forget to write updates for your followers and publish photos, too!
Say you’re an ophthalmologist promoting LASIK surgery with custom video content. The popularity of LASIK means that prospective patients will likely flock to the video, but putting it in only one online location (like your YouTube channel) limits its visibility. The video is much more effective if you supplement it with a variety of content, such as text on your website explaining the procedure and additional videos featuring patient testimonials about their experience.

6. Recognize Customer Trends

Millennials have always been pegged as tech-savvy and eager to spend money on products, services, and experiences. This generation is now reaching the bloom of its purchasing power, which means your practice needs to be prepared to market to a new audience of prospective clients.
Animoto reports that 80% of millennials consume video content when they research a service or product. In order to appeal to the age group, your videos need to be more than tools for generating sales; they need to engage the sensibilities of this younger demographic and speak to their desire for interactivity and forming relationships with brands.
Millennials are enthusiastic about video content, but they also tend to be discerning in what they expect from the medium. Entrepreneur notes that, “Millennials are largely fed up with traditional methods of advertising.” They tend to filter out content that they perceive as overly focused on “selling” them – and they aren’t afraid to take their business decision elsewhere if they find content that clashes with this sensibility.
So, emphasize engagement in your video marketing, rather than the hard sale. You absolutely want to include call-to-action elements, including a graphic displaying your phone number and website and information in the description that helps users find you online. But, video marketing is at its most effective when it makes a connection with consumers, especially among younger generations.

7. Diversify

With so many options for marketing your practice, you are under no obligation to confine your efforts to one platform. Video is an integral component of many social media platforms, from the aforementioned Facebook and Instagram to Snapchat, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and each website has a slightly different strategy to producing winning videos.
Try different platforms and see what works for your practice. And dive into different kinds of video while you’re at it.
Vidyard provides a helpful breakdown of different types of branding videos:
  1. Explainer: Details the service or product you offer – your value proposition
  2. Interviews: Film yourself, your partners, and your staff – answer questions about your practice in a conversational format
  3. Culture video: Takes prospective clients inside your office, introducing them to your team, what you do, and what your clients see when they arrive
By branding your practice on video, you establish yourself as an authority in your field. Now you can further branch out with video content that addresses common questions, discusses trends in your industry, showcases your results, and more.


Video content is hugely popular, and it is only going to grow in popularity in the years to come. To get the most from video marketing, partner your practice with an experienced agency that knows how to build your brand, create compelling videos, and grow your leads.
Contact Page 1 Solutions today for more information about our video marketing and other services. You can also call us at 800-368-9910 for a free review of your website and digital marketing strategies.