How to Get Blog Ideas – and Keep Getting Them

Internet Marketing for Attorneys, Surgeons, and Dentists

It’s no secret that blogging on a regular basis is an excellent way to give your practice credibility in your industry. Regular blogging is also an integral part of any content marketing strategy.

For many attorneys, doctors and dentists, the thought of trying to come up with topics on an onging basis can seem overwhelming. The key is to focus on who you are, what you and your practice are all about, and the types of clients you are striving to attract.

Topics that can provide users insight into your practice include, but are definitely not limited to:

What Separates You and Your Team Apart from Competitors?

This is an opportunity to not only promote your knowledge and experience, but also provide readers with a unique insight into things like charities you are involved with, organizations you might be a part of, and general passions that you and your team have. This type of info is what can make a connection with people out there looking for your services.

Share Success Stories of Past Clients

Case studies are powerful proofs of the quality of your work, often aligning with your top practice areas. Generating and promoting client reviews will continue to be of great importance. There is no reason why you shouldn't regularly share testimonials on your website, in blog posts, and in social media.

Introduce Yourself

Blog posts discussing your background can help visitors get to know you as a person. Your advanced schooling, accomplishments, and experience are all impressive and a compelling reason for clients to hire you, but never forget that consumers love to gain insight about the people with whom they might do business.

Posts introducing members of your team can further personalize your practice. It also paints a picture of the client experience from when they first step inside your door.

Speak on Popular, Relevant Topics in the News

Referencing current events will entice users with content on a story they already recognize. It can also provide added exposure for your practice.

Use news in your niche to your advantage by providing thoughtful, authoritative commentary on popular topics.

Post on Local Events Happening in Your Marketing

Most communities have a full calendar of events all year long. Look at the chamber of commerce or local government website for upcoming events, and integrate these happenings into your blogging. This strategy gives you and your practice the opportunity to show readers that you are plugged in to what’s happening locally.

In addition to these topics, there is a great opportunity to regularly write on frequently asked questions by your clients. Why, you ask?

Think of a time you were researching online for a product or service. What did you type into Google? More often than not, it was a question that you wanted an answer to.

This is no different from what your prospective clients are searching online. They are looking for answers to their questions. And, according to Google, 2017 is the year people asked “how?”

Today's consumer wants to know HOW you can help them. Blogging is an important marketing strategy for answering the many "how" questions visitors ask because it is flexible and offers nearly endless opportunities to cover various aspects of your practice and address questions from the clients you serve.

To learn more about ideas for blogging and how it can benefit your practice, call us today at 800-368-9910 to speak to an experienced digital marketing consultant.