The Recipe for Campaign Marketing: A Look at How to Create an Effective Marketing Campaign

Internet Marketing for Attorneys, Surgeons, and Dentists

Marketing for your practice is much like baking a batch of cookies. There are steps you need to follow in order to enjoy the fruits of your labors. In order for businesses to raise awareness of their products, they have a set recipe (series of advertisements) to achieve this. These groupings of different advertisements are known in the marketing kitchen by multiple names, such as packages, stacks, bundles, campaigns, and the list goes on. Each of the marketing opportunities should be customized for maximum return.

The smartest businesses will market to consumers through the different stages of the sales funnel in order to convince them to pull the trigger on their product. This will generally be through different marketing vehicles such as TV, radio, print, and internet ads to help deliver the message.

So what is the marketing recipe that your practice needs to achieve a delicious ROI? Below you will find a 4-step recipe to take your cooking to the next level.

Set the Goal

What is it that you want to bake? Is it cookies, or are you looking to drive more clients to your practice?

The first thing that you need to do with any marketing package is to set a goal to measure the success of the campaign. Are you trying to gain new patients for a new procedure? Do you want to improve your reputation management? What about getting the word out about your practice as a whole?

Note: Not every package will be sales-focused; There are campaigns that allow for you to grow awareness towards your brand, cultivate your business’ reputation, and even promote a cause that your practice firmly stands behind. There are a wide range of different goals that you can work towards accomplishing with this idea in tow.

Create the Strategy

sales funnel graphic illustrating the principles of AIDANow that your goal has been established, let’s develop the strategy. You must have all of the ingredients readily available in order to achieve your desired goal. For our marketing campaigns, you will want to have a campaign that touches on every part of the sales funnel. This combination of ads can move between different mediums or stay all within a single channel.

Often times you’re able to combine portions of the funnel together in order to touch on the different stages. For instance, the landing page where you drive your traffic in the decision stage can include a call-to-action or form that encourages the prospect to call or email you. This strategy covers both the Decision and Action sections of the sales funnel.


After you develop the strategy, it is time to place the wheels in motion. You will want to develop your ads, set just the right messaging, and make sure that all of your different ads are ready to launch at the appropriate time. Think of it much like adding ingredients when you’re baking your cookies. If you try to bake them mixing them properly, you’re going to end up with a finished product that looks and tastes nothing like your goal.

A common misconception about these campaigns is that once you’re at the development step, you’re able to just set it and forget it. As nice as that would be, it is not the case. You will want to watch and monitor the process so you can make adjustments along the way. Similar to baking, you want to watch your cookies so they do not burn.


Now that you’ve watched your cookies bake, it is time to reap the rewards (your goal). How did your marketing campaign perform? Did it successfully hit your goal? If so, what changes can you make to the next run in order to grow and improve on that? If it didn’t perform quite as well as you hoped, why? Did a certain ad not perform well? Were you limited on budget? Or did you have unrealistic expectations?

Whatever the answer is, always be sure to come back to the kitchen to evaluate/improve on your campaign. Even if you believe you had the perfect recipe, there are always minor tweaks you can make to improve on the next batch.

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