How to Build a Holiday Print Marketing Campaign

For Lawyers, Doctors, and Dentists

Happy holidays! As joy fills the air, you, your staff, and your patients are all looking forward to time with friends and family, and less time at the office. However, even though you are focused on festivities, business doesn’t take a holiday.

Everyone loves to receive special packages at this time of year. With a custom print marketing campaign, you can deliver your own present to patients by mail, not to mention deck your office with outstanding promotional materials!

Why Not Just Update My Website with a Holiday Message?

You should always take a little time to update your website and social media profiles with a custom holiday message for current and potential patients. It’s the holidays for them, too, and even a small acknowledgement of the season is a good way to build and maintain your online relationship with them.

Print materials take the beautiful look and unique messaging of your website and deliver it in a physical medium right to your clients. By customizing the collateral, your print promotions will stand out amid the Christmas cards and other mail people are receiving at this time of year.

The key is to employ the same eye for aesthetics and attention to quality that you expect from your website to the components of your print marketing. Make sure the appearance is consistent with the look and quality of your brand, the information is compelling and contains a call to action (ex: “schedule an appointment before Jan. 1 and save $$$ on select procedures”), and the quality of the materials (the weight and brightness of the paper, the colors of the ink, etc.) presents a premium image.

Give Your Practice a Gift

holiday event flier for RejuvenationMD Med SpaComprehensive marketing that combines digital strategies with high-quality print materials results in a premier experience online and in-person. Ultimately, it’s up to you how you want to promote your practice and the message you send to patients.

That’s where an agency like Page 1 Solutions comes in. We don’t use a cookie-cutter strategy to market your practice.

Instead, you can count on us to provide full support and service for all of your campaigns, including:

  • Dedicated time with a qualified consultant who will ask intelligent questions about your practice, marketing investment, and business goals, and offer suggestions on how to optimize performance
  • Design for your collateral by an award-winning creative team
  • Knowledgeable discussion of how to best use the materials, including display potential in your office, mailing list strategies, integration with your digital marketing, and more
  • Assistance with lead tracking, including dedicated phone numbers for print campaigns, development of custom landing pages, and suggestions on conversion strategies for your staff
  • Ongoing conversations with your Internet Marketing Consultant on the success of your campaign and how to take results to the next level

They say that the best gifts are homemade. However, what plastic surgeon, doctor, or practice manager has the time and the many skilled people in place to cover all of the above entirely in house? When you partner with Page 1 Solutions, you can count on our team to integrate the unique personality of your practice into professional print marketing materials that build rapport with patients and generate leads.

Celebrate the holidays with style. Contact Page 1 Solutions for a complimentary evaluation of your marketing, and to learn more about options for promoting your practice online and offline.

Check Your List for All of the Options

Look and Feel Your Best invitation - RejuvenationMD Med SpaWorking with a reputable, experienced marketing agency is crucial for your print marketing campaign to be successful. Members of our team have over 20 years of experience providing print services to plastic surgeons, aesthetic medical practices, and med spas.

The collateral we can produce for you includes:

  • Brochures: From single-page sheets to multi-page foldouts, we can create custom materials that tell patients about your practice, the services you provide, and the discounts and special offers you have available during the holidays.
  • Pocket folders: Give patients who come in for a consultation a present that reminds them of your practice long after the appointment. These custom folders prominently display your logo and other branding elements, plus fully wrapped graphics. Branded folders are the gift that keeps on giving by enabling patients to hold other printed materials emblazoned with your logo and other unique assets.
  • Mailers: These attractive branded items look just like a gift certificate. We coordinate mailing campaigns so they match the timing, appearance, and message of your digital marketing and lead generation strategies.
  • Fliers: Whether you post them on the walls or send them in the mail, a flier is the perfect choice for advertising a special, holiday event, and more.
  • Posters and signage: Capture the attention of people already visiting your office with large-format signs for windows, walls, and even booth setups for tradeshows.
  • Print ads: Our print marketing experts collaborate with you to identify publications that are likely to generate the most buzz for your practice. We work with staff members at the publication to place ads within your budget in the most relevant magazines, newspapers, and other outlets.

Each of these marketing channels is a powerful tool for engaging current patients, driving new patients, and generating business to your practice at any time of year, not just the holidays. But, whether your patients are thinking about festive occasions in the coming weeks, new year’s eve, or events scheduled for when the weather gets warmer, print marketing is a great way to attract attention and position your practice to earn their business.

Design and Deliver Your Ideal Season’s Greetings

Tell your patients about your practice and your latest offers with memorable, professionally produced, and on-brand print materials. The options are extensive, and you can reach your patients in your office and by mail with the same high-quality messaging and presentation you provide online.

Call (303) 233-3886 for a free consultation with Page 1 Solutions today. We proudly serve plastic surgeons, aesthetic practices, and med spas throughout North America.