How to Automatically Push Your Blog to Your Facebook Page

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Page 1 Solutions -
January 19, 2016

My clients who don't take advantage of Page 1's social media services often ask me for an easy way to automate posts to their Facebook or Twitter pages. My favorite free and easy way to do this is through a platform called Setting up an account is simple and in a few short steps, your blog posts can automatically be pushed out to your Facebook Business Page as well as your Google+, Linkedin, Twitter or Tumblr pages. This is a huge benefit for clients who don't have a lot of time to manually post content to their Facebook page (or other social media pages), but have fresh content from their website's blog to share. Also, this platform will help direct your Facebook audience back to your website which many social media posts don't often do. Not only can this help increase traffic to your site, it offers your business a new way to reach potential clients. 

New Account Add for

Step 1: Create an account with
Select Feed for

Step 2: Choose the "Feed" option.

Step 3: Enter your blog's RSS feed. Most of the time this will be your website's URL followed by rss.xml ( Make sure to check the address in your browser before entering it into 90% of the time you'll use the rss.xml address, but if it populates a 404 page, contact your website specialist to obtain the correct URL. Once says "Feed Verified", select the platform you would like to push these posts to. Note: You can add just 1 platform or multiple destinations.
Continue as yourself on Facebook

Step 4: Once you select Facebook, it will ask you to log in and ask if you would like to continue as yourself. If you have the ability, select "Only Me" for visibility and then select Okay. You will see in the next step that it is NOT posting as you, but as the Facebook Business page you manage. Note: You must be an administrator of the business page to connect it.  

Manage your Pages ok

Step 5: This step only came up for me the first time I set an account up, but if it asks you to Manage Your Pages, select Okay.
Select Page for RSS feed

Step 6: As you can see here, the list of Facebook pages I manage will show up. Select the company business page you want the RSS feed to deliver posts to from the drop-down.
Done adding RSS Feed to dlvr.itStep 7: Once you select a business profile, will ask you if you would like to "Add" or if you are "Done". If you wanted to add Twitter, etc. select "Add" and follow the same connection process listed above. If not, select "Done"! also makes it easy to customize your feed if you would like. To get started, select the pencil icon next to the RSS feed you want to edit. Under the Feed Update section, we recommend changing the post frequency to 1 post per day. If you wanted to add a prefix or suffix to your content (ie. New Blog Posted), select the pencil icon next to the platform you want to edit and navigate to the Post Content tab. Here you can add an image that will show each time a new post goes live and add either a prefix or suffix to your posts. Make sure to click SAVE when you're done!

You're all done! Within a matter of minutes your most recent blog post will publish to your Facebook Business page (or other social platforms you set up). As you can see here, it pulled in an image, the title and the first paragraph of the blog post. It also created a link directly back to that blog post. I encourage my clients to check back to the Facebook page every once in awhile to ensure the images are populating correctly. If there isn't an image added into the blog, will usually pull the header image off of the website. This can look repetitive if you are not posting with supplemental content. Always add a relevant image to your blogs to provide variety for your Facebook audience!

You now have an automated way to repurposed content to your social platforms for additional engagement and traffic back to your website. If you have any questions about this process, don't hesitate to reach out to your dedicated IMC for help! 

Happy posting!

-Brooke Henson, Senior Internet Marketing Consultant