How Often Should You Be Publishing NEW Videos?

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It’s no secret that online videos can play a major role in any business looking to promote, brand and gain overall exposure. Almost exactly 1 year ago, I wrote a blog post on 3 Ways Online Video Benefits Your Digital Marketing, all of which still hold true today.

As the importance of video continues to grow, so does the conversation on how to best utilize video AND how often one should be uploading new videos. For the purpose of this blog, the focus is going to be the frequency with which you should be publishing videos on an ongoing basis.

When thinking about how to best introduce your custom videos to the world, there are 3 things to consider:

Be Consistent

Just like posting fresh, new, relevant textual content to your website on an ongoing basis, introducing videos should be approached the same way. The goal is to be a consistent resource for new information while not overwhelming the search engines and your audience with all of this great information at once. Google and other platforms like YouTube (the 2nd largest search engine) tend to view consistency as a quality signal, which benefits rankings for your video content and your website.

As an example, when we film FAQ videos for our clients, the strategy is to slowly introduce a couple of videos per month and keep that consistent schedule throughout. Whether it’s 3 videos per week or 2 videos per month, be consistent with your posting. It’s often helpful to create a content calendar that will help you distribute videos on a timely basis and keep track of which videos are live.

Avoid What Is Commonly Known as 'Subscriber Burn'

“Content, content, content” (or some variation of this) is probably something you have heard from marketers when it comes to what you should be doing. There is definitely truth in that, as I just alluded to, but you definitely want to find the right balance when it comes to introducing new video content to help build your overall presence online ….. without overwhelming your audience.

“Subscriber burn” occurs when brands release too much content to their audience in a short period of time. The amount of content to consume goes up, but the traffic drops off. To help avoid this, keep a close eye on your analytics as you continue to introduce new video content.

Come Up with a Schedule and Stick to It!

As I mentioned earlier, whether it’s 3 videos per week or 2 videos per month, come up with a schedule that you are comfortable working with AND that you can stick to on a consistent basis. The creation of videos has become significantly more manageable in recent years, but once that is done you still need to put in the effort to properly upload and introduce those videos.

You can upload videos in bulk on places like YouTube while keeping them listed as private, create supporting content on your website, schedule the supporting content out in advance and THEN turn the videos public once the content is ready to be posted. This will not only help you be more efficient with your own time, but you will also have a consistent schedule in place that will introduce this content and amplify it.

As the importance of video content continues to grow and the Internet continues to evolve, so should the efforts put towards your strategy when it comes to promoting and branding your business. Learn how Page 1 Solutions can help you engage users and drive leads through your website with custom video strategy by contacting your Internet marketing consultant or calling 800-368-9910 today!