How Often Should I Get a New Website?

For Lawyers, Doctors, and Dentists

Page 1 Solutions -
September 30, 2014

For dentists, surgeons and attorneys, no single tool spurs leads and promotes brand awareness like your practice's website. But professionals should know that their work online isn't over after an initial website is designed and launched.

Your site may look and read great, but unless the technology, content and design remain fresh, it will develop fewer leads over time.

First and foremost, a great Search Engine Optimization strategy should include consistently updated content that's relevant, interesting and topical for your audience, i.e. current clients and patient prospects. Magnify the impact of updated content by making it visually appealing and appropriate for your local market.

Without regular content updates to attract new clients and patients through routine social media marketing, the search engines will overlook your practice's website, and that will translate into lost leads and business.

A blog is one place to enhance content. But the pages of your website also need to be current with regards to your services menu, helpful consumer information, staff directory and even your brand.

New Websites Drive Results

Updating your website is important, but every website still has an effective shelf life. Since the online marketing environment is constantly evolving, it's prudent to consider when might be a good time to build a brand new website for your practice.

Some of the elements to consider when you develop a new website include:

  • Internet technology
  • Search engines
  • Competitors' marketing
  • Online consumers

At what point should a practice start looking to redesign its website rather than just making updates?

Depending on your market, we typically recommend revamping your website with an eye toward refreshed design and enhanced technology offerings, about every two to three years. But in more competitive situations, we recommend updating your website even more frequently.

If you're an attorney, dentist or surgeon with a busy practice that could benefit from an updated website to drive business leads and affirm your practice's brand, contact Page 1 Solutions today or call us at (303) 233-3886 to arrange a free site evaluation.